Covid-19 Pandemic and its changing office space demands

 Covid-19 Pandemic and its changing office space demands

People may find it difficult to trust going back to the office or surely may behave differently. What might be the future of the workspaces where most of us devoted so much of our time. Office space demand is likely to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why do we still need offices when work from home setup works with the same output?

Due to COVID-19, flexible work set up or work from home has been offered by many employers just so the business would still run while also securing employees’ health and safety. But as months go by, it has been observed that working outside offices has its limitations. Organizations’ success still largely depends on the face to face collaboration, serendipity, and interaction. An Office space plays a big role in developing one’s capability to learn more on-field and handle situations with colleagues.

What should be the office space size?

If you have 8 workers in a small unit or office before a pandemic hits, then for now you have to secure them with their desk and personal space to provide them proper social distancing. Companies following guidelines and protocols may be required to add more office spaces or rooms so as they can continue doing business. This may shoot up the demands for office spaces.

What kind of office space is best for this time of pandemic?

Companies nowadays realize that work can still resume without offices. But is also aware that they need more resilient, better kind of office space. Coworking spaces had recently been widely used and the ultimate destination offices, but in times of COVID-19, they probably are the least on the list. It is vital to make the workspace better and the relationship with it more effective. It would be best to redesign the layout and consider furniture that creates separation while also embracing collaboration.

While most companies still consider the collaborative atmosphere of physical office spaces, they also wanted to provide a flexible remote working setup for their employees. The main purpose of office space, which is to have their people collaborate, meet, share ideas, and nurture innovation, is still the biggest concern of every Company.

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