Cybersecurity Awareness Training: A Must For Small Businesses 

 Cybersecurity Awareness Training: A Must For Small Businesses 

Recent studies have indicated that the cybersecurity landscape is changing rapidly. Businesses have suffered cyberattacks and hacking attempts through various sources, including insiders. A report by SIA in association with Wall Street Journal pointed out how attacks through partners, customers and vendors have increased by a large margin. One of the key ways to prevent a security breach is to train your employees on cybersecurity. In fact, cybersecurity awareness training should be a part of your policy. In this post, we are sharing more on things that small businesses must know about cybersecurity awareness training. 

Why spend on employee training?

Small businesses are often constrained with limited resources, and many of them do not have the budget or experience to handle the consequences of a security breach. In such circumstances, cybersecurity training becomes even more important. Aware and educated employees know their roles and responsibilities in preventing a cyberattack or reporting an incident, and the impact of a breach or something like data theft can be minimized considerably. Employee training is not about compliance, but more about protecting the business, and it is absolutely wise and necessary to work with a team that is ready to take cybersecurity on priority. 

Taking the forward step

When it comes to cybersecurity awareness training, many companies prefer the idea of outsourcing the job to professional experts. Keep in mind that cyber threats and attacks are evolving with time, so these training workshops have to be done on a regular basis, at least once or twice every year. The training program must fit into the overall scope of cybersecurity as it means for your business, and more importantly, it might be necessary to have different training programs for different levels of management. This is because access to IT resources may vary between levels of the organization. 

Things to consider

If you are spending on cybersecurity awareness training, make sure that you have a list of dos and don’ts for employees. It is also a wise idea to spend on security training right at the time of onboarding, so that new employees are aware of your policies. The budget for training depends on your organization, but do not compromise on this aspect, especially because it matters for your business both in the short and long-run. 

Check with other small businesses to know more on how they are dealing with their training needs and keeping up with budgetary aspects. 

Paul Watson