Details About High School Volleyball Net Height

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Trainers ought to determine the perfect height for the volleyball nets. The instructors should confirm these heights any time a game is played. Even so, a coach should understand approved measurements for various volleyball groups. The volleyball net size depends on gender, experience, age, plus the number of individuals in a group. High school volleyball instructors should adjust the height of a net whenever a new group enters the pitch. Also, they need to train their players about the recommended height for their game. The volleyball players should be checking the height whenever they enter a playground. Use these tips for ideal high school volleyball net height.

Meet Set Regulations

Age is essential when setting net heights for younger players. Teams above ten years have a similar net height for both genders. In addition, the height of volleyball nets for high school players vary. Check with the relevant governing units as the set measurements differ with the state. Identify what the state demands for school net heights. Pay attention to measures provided for younger players. Besides, train the teams on ways to adhere to these measures. Discourage team members from adjusting these heights without your knowledge. Guide your players when making net height adjustments to avoid errors.

Take Measurements

The net center point is used when calculating net heights in this game. Verify that the nets’ sides are less than three-quarter inches. Thus, learn the recommended height for junior players and senior students. Note that the agreed height for standing yet disabled persons is similar to those of upright players. Older age groups have permission to lower the heights of their nets to given levels. This principle applies to both male and female players. Also, identify the net height set for sitting volleyball matches. The number of volleyball players and the surface used will dictate the net height to be set for the match.

Right Procedure

Follow the appropriate steps when taking measurements of your net height. Take the measurements from playing the court center. Moreover, get the right measuring tools such as a net chain for accurate results. Confirm that both volleyball net ends have the same height. The official net height must not go beyond three-quarter inches. High school players holding matches at the beach ought to stick to set regulations. Their net height will be measured from the sand-ranked point. Additionally, measure the net height from the grounds if the players have their games on grass. Choose an even ground for all games to avoid injuries during the match.


Picking the appropriate net height is a challenging process, especially when it comes to younger players. The youth have a different height, and you have to take their heights and age when deciding on a net height. Thus, hire experts for this task. These service providers have the necessary equipment for this job. They also mobilize their staff team to complete the project on time. Besides, these professionals will guide you on adjusting the net heights for various groups to play.

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