Devil Might Wear Prada But You Should Wear Rado: Benefits of Wearing Rado Watches

 Devil Might Wear Prada But You Should Wear Rado: Benefits of Wearing Rado Watches

If you’re familiar with the prominent luxury watch brands, you must have heard of Rado watches. The firm, which was founded in 1950 in Switzerland, immediately earned a reputation for quality and technical innovation, and it now proudly embraces the legacy of Swiss-made luxury timepieces.

With 500,000 clocks produced annually, the firm is currently one of the world’s most popular luxury watchmakers. Rado watches in India currently offer over 100 different models in both men’s and women’s styles, with one of the most diverse pricing ranges in the business.

Since 1917, the legendary brand’s clocks have been manufactured in Switzerland, so you can’t get much superior in terms of quality. Traditional watchmaking as we know it, on the other hand, is being revolutionised by them. All of the timepieces in the modern True Thinline collection are fashioned of ultra-light high-tech ceramic, a first for the watch industry.

What about the benefits? It’s not only stylish, ultra-slim, and comfy (it’s hypoallergenic), but it’s also long-lasting. Unlike any other material, these patterns will appear as good as new in 20 years with no visible blemishes. The high-quality porcelain is so durable that it can only be scratched with diamonds— and we wouldn’t want to risk losing our gems in the process. So, if you’re wanting to make a wise investment in a future watch, look no further.

Top Notch In-Built Quality

Rado timepieces are known for their exceptional craftsmanship. The brand has a long history of structural innovation, and they were the first to use unconventional materials in case and bezel construction. While most firms stick to stainless steel for their cases, the company has dabbled with a tungsten-titanium carbide alloy and a class of strong, high-tech materials known as ceramics. Rado watches use a lot of sapphire crystal in their bezels as well. Many of the versions are at least 100 metres water-resistant. These are robust, tough, and well-made timepieces.

Innovation, Styling and Features

This brand’s innovation stems from its construction. In addition to stainless steel in some models, they use contemporary, rock-hard metals and high-tech ceramics in their cases. A few versions have a one-piece, seamless cases, with sapphire crystal bezels, which are extremely robust and scratch-resistant.

The styling is an intriguing mix of old and current styles. They clearly favour conventional designs, as one would expect from a company that has been producing clocks for almost half a century. Classic time-and-date dials, as well as gold and silver coloured cases and bands with traditional round faces, are all available. Their higher-end models, on the other hand, feature some fairly gorgeous designs, including the usage of gems and precious metals.

While they don’t create many watches that might be considered casual, they do make quite a few that would be appropriate for business wear and quite a few that would certainly stand out at formal parties.

Finest Materials

In order to create these exquisite timepieces, Rado employs high-quality ceramic. Ceramics have a high quality that can be found in both metal and matte finishes. It also comes in a variety of colourful hues from which you can choose. Ceramics have the advantage of being able to be worn by those with sensitive skin. It won’t irritate your skin in any way, and because it’s so light, you won’t even notice you’re wearing one. Isn’t it incredibly relaxing?

Rado has been producing high-quality timepieces for over a century, and they have earned a reputation for producing high-quality, elegant, and durable timepieces that look great and are expected to survive for many years. They aren’t cheap, and many of their models are clearly marked as such, but you get what you pay for. When you buy a Rado watch, you know you’re receiving a stunning, eye-catching timepiece that will turn heads everywhere you go.


Paul Petersen