Engagement photography Tips

 Engagement photography Tips

Engagement photography is the perfect time to capture a couple’s love for one another. In order to have an amazing engagement session, follow these tips from photographer:

Set Up Your Fiancé And You In Front Of A Simple Background

Make sure that the background is simple and doesn’t distract from you. It is important to have a simple background because it allows your photographer to focus more on your love for one another.

Select Clothing Colors That Complement Each Other

Choose complementary colors for both of you. Do not choose loud, over-the-top clothing or fabrics that compete with each other. These types of choices will end up being distracting instead of enhancing your engagement photos. A good rule of thumb when choosing fashion elements is by looking around at what everyone else is wearing or flip through magazines and search for color combinations that stand out to you as a couple in engagement pictures. Once you’ve the erotic knickers, incorporate some element of personal style into the mix such as a necklace, pair of earrings, shoes, etc.

Pick A Backdrop That You Feel Comfortable In

If you are not used to being on display or having your picture taken it is important to pick an environment where you feel the most relaxed and at-ease. This will make for better engagement photos because they will appear more natural without you looking posed or stiff. You could even have fun with this by pretending like this is a location where you would absolutely love to take engagement pictures. For example: if you really enjoy hiking as a couple then pose next to some rocks on the coastline; if swimming is one of your favorite hobbies, then pretend that there is water behind one of your shoulders; if rocking out at concerts together with lots of people is one of your favorite things to do as a couple then put on some headphones and be pretending that you are in the middle of a concert.

Keep Smiling Simple

Don’t over-think smiling and just smile from the heart. It is a very natural thing for people to smile, so don’t force it or over complicate it. Once you realize how easy it can be to smile with someone you love, then turn on the camera and let those natural smiles come through!

Be Comfortable With Each Other

This means no holding back! You should feel completely comfortable being around each other and not have anything off limits (not even private jokes that others wouldn’t “get”). It’s fun to act like a goofball around the person you love and once again, not hold back. Once your photographer snaps a couple of shots, it is easy to tell which are the most natural ones because there will be genuine reactions (typically laughter) between the two perspectives in the frame just as they would be on a daily basis. You want your images to accurately portray who you actually are as a couple and those photos that capture this level of intimacy make for much better engagement pictures.

Have Fun With Your Engagement Photography Session!

There’s nothing like taking meaningful engagement photos with someone that you truly enjoy spending time with. If you approach this experience casually or even laugh at each other, then that should come through in the photographs too! Engagement photographs take practice especially if it’s something new that you haven’t done before. The most important thing to remember is that if you are comfortable with each other than the photos will be too!

Use Natural Light

Natural light is preferable when taking engagement photographs because it makes for much better photos. You can shoot in a small space and still have excellent quality by using indirect sunlight or bounce flash off of the ceiling, walls, etc. Shooting indoors during daylight hours typically yields the best results.


Ruth Hill