Enjoying Anything With A Few Grabs of Cold Ones – It’s Time That You Grab A Beer!

 Enjoying Anything With A Few Grabs of Cold Ones – It’s Time That You Grab A Beer!

 Many social settings and traditions are associated with drinking beer, such as playing cards, celebrating birthdays, hanging out with friends, etc. All over the world, most people consume beer for enjoyment and even relaxation. From a simple Friday evening to a weekend getaway, there’s always the time, place and people to enjoy a cold pack of drinks.

Whether you’re buying a porter, stout, or fruit beer in Singapore, an excellent beer (no matter the price tag) deserves to be appreciated. There’s also the truth that beer goes well with almost everything!

Why Drink A Beer?

Beer is more than just a beloved drink for a special occasion. There’s nothing better than cracking open a cold bottle of your favourite alcoholic beverage with someone or by yourself. With or without friends, or any drinking partner, you can enjoy a nice cold drink whenever and wherever you are!

Whether you’re into a habit of buying a stout or sour beer in Singapore, there is good news for drinkers and even first-timers. While beer is to drink in moderation, it doesn’t take the fun factor, and there are good reasons why you shouldn’t shy away from sipping a single glass of it!

It’s your ‘chill pill’

Alcohol is best known as a sedative compound that can affect our nervous system. It has proven to produce molecular changes and provides an antidepressant solution. It’s not surprising why most folks feeling low and down are looking for a beer to drink. As a sedative, it also helps you stay relaxed and firm, allowing you to move past the stress and the ‘depressing’ sensation for a while. However, it’s best that you still drink in moderation.

Beer is clean and safe as water

While beer is never a substitute for drinking water, you can bet that most beer products are clean and safe. The brewing process of beer allows it to be kept clean due to its boiling process. Be it the stout beer in Singapore that you usually buy at a convenience store, it’s really safe to drink. The bottle is capped and sealed, eliminating any chance of bacteria or other microorganisms living inside the beer bottle. Therefore, you can expect that the beer you’ve purchased (provided that it’s from a reputable brewer) is as clean as buying distilled water!

It’s an all-natural beverage

The soda bottle you have just popped might not be purely natural and organic. You can expect a few chemicals in the chemistry, and most carbonated drinks contain sodium benzoate as a preservative. When it comes to beer products, you can assure that most types are as all-natural as a ‘real’ fruit drink. While there are people who mistakenly believe that beer contains loaded additives, the alcohol and hops in it provide a natural way to preserve without additives.

It contains B vitamins

Despite the protests and suppression of many anti-alcohol associations, the beer contains healthy benefits too. It turns out that buying an ale or a porter beer in Singapore isn’t an unhealthy choice. Many don’t know or are aware that it has a content of B vitamins due to it deriving from yeast and cereal grains as its primary ingredients. Apart from B vitamins, it also contains calcium, iron and potassium despite being empty of calories. It’s proof that the beverage itself is not devoid of anything beneficial to our bodies.

Fun & Exciting Things To Do While Drinking A Beer!


Cracking a cold bottle of fruit beer or ale can spice up any day of the week! Whether alone or hanging out with a friend or family, everyone desires to find the best way to enjoy a drink. After all, drinking beer is meant to provide you with a positive, relaxing experience.

Here are a few different fun things you can do while drinking a beer:

Watching TV

Watching TV while drinking and opening a cold one is perhaps the most common way anyone would do to enjoy their free time. A pint of a good stout beer and a few episodes of your favourite Netflix shows or film is all you need to get you going. You should never forget to find yourself a relaxing spot or a comfortable seat if you’re binge-watching an exciting weekend sports match or favourite film while drinking. Relax and let yourself loose for a while!

Performing a hobby or creativity

Whether you’re playing a game of golf or strumming a few chords on your guitar, a few cold ones will get you through without stressing yourself doing the things you love. As beer contains alcohol—which is a relaxing sedative, you’ll find it easier to stay in your composure and even help boost your creative sparks. Grabbing a fruit or porter beer will help you have a blast with the things you love to do!

Hanging with light drinkers

Drinking in excess isn’t a smart move if you’re concerned about gaining weight. While beer is supposed to bring you the excitement and fun factor for any social setting, there’s a way to avoid getting swayed by a third glass. You can cut out the troubles and save yourself from drinking too much by having a few pints with light drinkers.

Playing parlours or table games with friends or family

If you’re planning to have a fun weekend night full of games with your friends or family, there’s no reason to skip buying a tasty fruit or sour beer from your local convenience store. Beer pong, flip cup, shot roulette and other games that you do every social occasion will be a blast with a few pints. Just try not to drink too much to avoid tripping yourself!

Final Thoughts

Everyone deserves a period to let themself ease up and enjoy for a while. After a heavy weekly eight-hour workday, it’s easy to burn yourself. Grabbing a cold pint wouldn’t hurt a lot, so long as you know how to drink moderately. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy their free day without worrying about what tomorrow may bring, so why not maximise those times with a cold one?

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