Essentials For A Sup Adventure: Sup Fun Guide

 Essentials For A Sup Adventure: Sup Fun Guide

If your approach towards paddleboarding has been traditional and casual, you need to spread your wings further and do a sup adventure. This article seeks to guide you on the essentials that you will need for an epic sup adventure. 

Planning A Sup Adventure

You need to determine beforehand where you plan to go for the sup adventure. A sup readiness checklist will come in handy. Double-check the list to ensure that you have carried everything you need for the sup adventure. 

What To Pack For A Sup Adventure?

You will need a great inflatable paddle board and a lightweight paddle. But a few more accessories will help to maximize the sup adventure. 

Here is a list of them. 

  • Inflatable sup board
  • Patch kit
  • Ankle leash
  • Pump
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Deck bag.

Inflatable Sup Board

A good isup is essential and comes with carrying conveniences. Once you deflate it, you roll it up and put it in a backpack. This makes it easy to transport, especially by plane, due to luggage restrictions. Before packing the isup, give it a good once over to ensure there are no leaks. 

Patch Kit

Always carry one. Anything might happen when you are up and about in the waters. You might collide with a sharp object that may cause the board to leak. Carry the entire spare parts kit so that emergencies find you ready. 

Ankle Leash

Failing to pack an ankle leash can later prove to be a grave mistake. Double-check that you have carried one before heading out for the adventure. Actually, make it a habit always to have leash spares at all times. 


Do not forget to carry a pump, whether the manual one or the electric inflator, even when having a fully inflated sup. You might require to add or remove some air, and you will need the pump. 


Snacks And Drinks

Sup boarding is serious working. You need fuel for the body to keep going. Carry enough beverages to keep you hydrated and snacks to stabilize your blood sugar. 

Additional Tips.

Also, take a waterproof phone case with you if you do not have a dry bag on the paddle board. Some good music will also do as you sup. Carry a Bluetooth speaker that is water and dustproof. 


Now you are all set up for an experience of a lifetime with sup board adventure. Have fun!


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