Extracting Homemade Cannabis Oil

 Extracting Homemade Cannabis Oil

Cannabis is a helpful and highly medicinal drug plant. If you are in a region where planting cannabis is legal, then, by all means, explore. Growing cannabis isn’t a mountainous task; you can do it from home with the help of cannabis pots, air, the right amount of sunlight, and a good water supply.

Cannabis oil is a highly sought oil because of its numerous benefits. It often finds application in meals and some curative edibles. The oil is known to help with arthritis, joint inflammation, and unmanageable body pains, treat select epilepsy syndromes and complications from diabetes, help treat opioid addiction, ease anxiety, and depression, and even slow skin cancer cell growth, among other benefits. So, by all means, consider extracting!

To extract your oil, it is always advisable to have your cannabis leaves already decarboxylated. You would need to:

  1. Grind or tear one cup of leaves into smaller pieces to ease the absorption of the carrier oil.
  2. Add the decarbed cannabis to one cup of carrier oil (coconut or olive oil).
  3. Let it infuse at room temperature in the dark for some weeks. (That is usually the best but longest method).

The goal is to avoid overheating as much as possible. Suppose you need more time or patience for this extraction method. In that case, you can consider the heating method, which is much faster but way more delicate and requires professional attention to detail, and hits the ‘sweet spot’ where the raw THCA and CBDA in the cannabis plant change to active THC and CBD. Once you achieve that, remove your container from the heat to avoid overheating.

It is advisable to use homegrown cannabis for your oil extraction. With cannabis pots abounding, you can, without stress, grow your cannabis in the comfort of your home. Several cannabis pots can do the job, but it is always advisable to opt for pots made from clay or dark plastic with holes drilled at the bottom for better excess water drainage and air circulation within the roots of your plant.

Conclusively, with the appropriate planter and healthy environment, you can extract cannabis oil from your homegrown plan.


Ruth Hill