Features to Look for In an eLearning Software

 Features to Look for In an eLearning Software

Thanks to e-Learning technologies, developing quality training content for your organization has become easier than ever. These technologies enable you to create course content that is particularly tailored to your needs. More so, organizations are now able to incorporate microlearning through platforms like eLearning authoring tools. Choosing the best eLearning software for your organization can be a bit of a challenge. Even then, realize that no two eLearning software are alike, but there are important features that your eLearning software of choice must-have.

Consider an eLearning software that has the following features:

An intuitive user interface

One of the most important considerations when picking out eLearning software like True Office Learning is the ability to use the different features with ease. The objective of the eLearning software is to allow learners to engage in self-paced learning without having to take time out of their busy schedules. Given this, the eLearning software should take less time for learners to familiarize themselves with so that the course content is covered within shorter durations.

Authoring tool

Good eLearning software should integrate an authoring tool that allows you to create and add content yourself to your training course. Authoring tool capabilities enable you to tailor your training content as per the needs of your organization. Training needs may vary with time, the eLearning software should, therefore, allow you to edit the training course to suit your needs.

Micro-learning capability

The demand for microlearning is skyrocketing. At a time when information is being consumed in the form of bite-sized stories and posts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and snap chat, learners would rather have their lessons broken down into smaller, easy-to-digest chunks. With that in mind, a good eLearning software should support micro-learning to ensure employees retain the core message of your training.

Mobile friendly

Learners today appreciate the accessibility of online training content over their mobile devices, at their convenience. A good eLearning software tool should be responsive and accessible across different screen sizes without causing any content disruptions.

Assessment features

Assessment features like awards and badges, quizzes, and shuffle questions help organizations keep track of their learner’s performance. It not only helps you assess the impact of your course content but also lets you understand your employees better through the feedback.

Ability to integrate multimedia and interactivities

The video format has proven to be a great training tool especially with the increased consumption of video content. Integrating multimedia in the eLearning software makes learning enjoyable and engaging by breaking the routine of plain text instructions. Interactivities like pop-ups and triggers prompt learners to interact with the course content. They enable learners to participate by engaging in real-world scenarios.

Multi-lingual support

Before settling on eLearning software, ensure that the tool meets all your language requirements. This will help meet the language preferences of different learners who may be in different locations. A good eLearning tool should have translation capabilities to help you reach a global audience.

When looking for eLearning software for your organizational training, remember to find one that will engage and keep your employees interested in the training. Also, by keeping the above features in mind, you’ll have an effective training tool that will help keep your employees up-to-date which can translate to improved performance.

Danny White