Finding the right socket tester for your work

 Finding the right socket tester for your work

A socket tester, receptacle tester or electrical outlet circuit tester is a device that possesses a three-prong power club and three small lights which act as indicators. These testers are used to detect incorrectly wired outlets. The tester is small and easy to carry in the pocket and can be used with almost no training. Socket testers are mostly used to identify common wiring in the house; a socket tester may not be a reliable tool.

Socket testers are responsible for doing polarity checks. Some socket testers also have additional features like the presence of a buzz along with the LEDs to show if the socket is functioning well. Some socket testers also come with indicator combinations which can allow you to understand what type of problem is present in the wiring.

One problem which cannot be easily detected by a socket tester or any other equipment for that matter is the neutral wires and the swapping of the earth. This happens because the neutral wires and earth are common at the level of the substation. Therefore, electrically these two items are indistinguishable.

When you go into the market to buy a socket tester, you need to understand the different types of socket testers available in the market, their limitations as well as capabilities.

There are three primary categories of socket testers: simple, advanced and finally professional. 

Simple socket tester

Let’s look at the features of a simple socket tester:

  • Indicates that the socket is functional
  • Detects neutral or line reversal
  • Detects the presence of the earth

Advanced socket tester

Let’s understand the features of the advanced socket tester

  • Indicates the presence of functional socket
  • Detects neutral or line reversal
  • Detect the presence of the earth
  • Displays the range of the earth loop impedance values.

Professional socket testers

Let’s look at the salient features of the professional socket tester

  • It indicates that a socket is functional
  • It can detect neutral or line reversal
  • Detects the presence of the earth
  • Displays the range of earth loop impedance values
  • Displays the numerical value of the earth loop impedance.

When you are looking for a socket tester, make sure that it has a reliable method of measuring the earth loop evidence. This is important to make sure that the overcurrent protection devices that are in place reach a fast enough disconnection time to avoid any form of electrocution.

If you are planning to buy a socket tester, you should check out the TTS group socket tester. TTS group makes socket testers which meet the specifications and regulations and have been effectively tested. They are perfect for small as well as complex applications and can be used on all technological devices (in which case the testing solutions are usually much more complex). TCS group is a company that specializes in a range of training and testing programs as well as sockets which have been designed to help engineers assure and understand the performance reliability of the products.

Ruth Hill