Go Through the Complete Guide to Install An Electric Dog Fence

 Go Through the Complete Guide to Install An Electric Dog Fence

Pets are not only a part of the family, but they are part of life. Every family having a pet becomes very much connected with the pet with passing days. Besides providing good care to it, the families also look for the best offerings for their pets. Keeping them safe and secure within the house’s boundary is also one such responsibility people have for their pet dogs. Considering this part of the matter, an electronic dog fence system is the best option you can use to keep your dog yet free as well as you can stay peacefully in your place.

You can get to a solution for security for your dog because the fence can be installed within a day. Also, with a professional trainer, the pet dog can learn about the system and how it needs to behave. So, the system can become completely functional within 10 days maximum. But you have to make a decision and order the system from a leading showroom.

Before installation

You need to make some decisions before the installation of the system. You have to decide whether to get underground or an aboveground fence is suitable for your pet and home. You must identify the place outside your house with proper shade to place the transmitter safe from natural calamities. If your boundary is huge, you have to order extra wire as the wire within the package is not enough.

You must check the gauge of the wire and bring the same quality for better system effectiveness. You also need to make sure that the wires used are weatherproof and durable to use in this system. Above all, the system can be of two types. One self-installation and another comes with free professional installation. You need to choose the best suitable for you depending on the budget you can afford.

The installation process

Whether you are doing it on your own or the professionals are, you must know how to install an electric fence for dogs. The procedure requires your active participation in any way. Before you place the wires in their designated place, make sure they are completely working. If you are placing them underground, this is an absolute necessity.

First, start with the measurement of the area you want to get fenced. As the 25 acres wire available with the system may not be enough for every house, you need to get extra. For a larger area, the transmitter you get must also be higher in its capacity to control the whole system spread around a larger area.

You can decide how close you can bring the dog to the fence to control it from passing it. Depending on your decision, you have to make the system and decide the power required to create the shock. The transmitter must be safe to work and kept in a dry place. Buried ones are safe because the above ones can get trimmed by the gardener, or your pet can harm them too.

The collar tied at the pet’s neck requires the battery to transfer the correctness at the right time to the dog to make it realize the situation. Ensure the wire is not getting linked to the other wires like cable or electric connection to keep the system safe. All the elements must get ready individually.

A proper transmitter, a collar, length of wire required is what you need to complete the electronic fence system. Once the wires are buried or placed above the barriers in the ground, the transmitter is placed at the right distance, and they must be connected with care. The wire requires to be connected with the transmitter from start to end in the loop. With the collar tied at the neck, the system is ready to work.

Its low installation time, and affordability along with low maintenance cost and durability, has made the system one of the favorite for pet lovers.  Pet owners rely on the system completely for the safety of their pet dogs.

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