Here’s To A Scandinavian Interior Design For Your Own Pad

 Here’s To A Scandinavian Interior Design For Your Own Pad

Since it was discovered and introduced to the mass, Scandinavian interior design has never gone out of style. It is a no-fail interior design which is why people keep choosing Scandi. A neat minimalist look will always be classy and elegant.

A Scandi-designed home doesn’t only feature wooden elements, leather seats, or a marble table in Singapore. It’s more than just its furniture items. The Scandi interior design has design characteristics that Nordic countries value and follow. Want to get a Scandi look for your pad? Take note of these factors.


Simplicity in straight lines and forms

Did you know lines and textures can bring magic to your home? Scandinavian interior designers prefer to use rectangular and linear shapes when buying in a furniture shop in Singapore. Linear patterns can emphasise a cleaner look for your space. When selecting furniture décor accents, go with minimal but functional pieces to bring out the Scandi in your home. The simpler, the better!

Limit your colour options to neutrals, warm textiles, and natural elements.

In most Nordic countries, their colour palette sticks with two-three colours only. Most of the time, they utilise black, grey, and white. Then they add a touch of wood and metals through décor accents. Finding the suitable colour and motif may be challenging, but as they always, you can never go wrong with neutrals. Neutral colours have the power to create a tidy and calm look in your house. Simplicity can give off an effortless but elegant interior design.

When buying pieces of furniture, choose warm and natural elements, such as wood, sheepskins, wool, or leather. You may consider getting wooden floors with white walls or wooden bed frames in Singapore with white beddings. Whites and woods can create a sense of cosiness to your pad.

Play with natural light.

Fun fact! Did you know Scandinavians experience the midnight sun? They experience nights as long as a day. Yup, their night is 24 hours long! That is the main reason why natural light is essential for Scandis. If your aim is a Scandinavian interior design, you must maximise natural lighting as much as possible. Have windows that allow sunlight to come through.

Aside from natural light, you must also add modern lighting. The same principles of Scandinavian design aforementioned apply to lighting fixtures. Pendant lights are the best choice to look for in online furniture stores in Singapore. It’s minimal, functional, and neutral, which are all the key elements of Scandinavian interior designs.

Take note. Avoid placing fancy lightings, such as crystal chandeliers, gold candlelight chandeliers, or overdone light fixtures.

Go green!

One of the natural elements to style a Scandi interior design is plants. Bring natural elements of nature to your pad as much as possible. Opt for types of plants suitable indoors and low maintenance, such as ZZ plants, spider plants, snake plants, or monstera deliciosa. These plants do not only add aesthetics to your place but also benefit your health as it increases humidity and purified air inside.

Think functional and minimal.

Scandinavian interior designs have functional storage spaces. If you’re planning for a Scandi look, choose furniture items with integrated storage from a furniture shop in Singapore. You may also hire renovation companies to have them install built-in storage for you. One other way to maintain minimalism is by hiding electrical outlets. It will give you clutter-free surfaces and hassle-free cleaning tasks.

Minimise the amount of furniture.

Looking atonline furniture stores in Singapore may persuade you to buy unnecessary items. Your goal is to have a Scandi interior design. Minimise the furniture pieces that you will not need. For instance, choose built-in shelves instead of cabinets. Scandinavians value functionality and simplicity the most.



Cosy ambience

One of the reasons most Singaporeans choose a Scandi interior design is its cosiness. They value comfort the most. When designing a Scandi home, interior designers pick furnishing items that can provide the utmost comfort to people, such as cosy hybrid double-layered mattresses with wooden bed frames in Singapore.

Another factor that increases comfort and solace in Scandinavian interior designs is its colour palette. It is proven that neutral colours and natural elements add cosiness to homes. It gives homeowners a refreshing and calming feel, especially plants and woods.

Spacious look

Minimal and functional. These two Scandi attributes help in making a pad feel and look spacious. As mentioned above, they prefer to use built-in storage to save space. Their approach to saving spaces comes in both stylish and practical ways. A tidy and well-maintained environment can help you have a calming, welcoming, and spacious home.

Here’s a tip! Enhance and add more ways to let in natural light as it can create an illusion of massive space. The brighter, the better!

Save costs

Generally, Scandinavian styles are cost-effective. It is why interior designers prefer to use them over other interior designs. They buy furniture items in online furniture stores in Singaporethat are useful in many ways at an affordable price. Also, because Scandi-design furniture is more linear and minimal, there is a wide range of items you can choose from at a reasonable price.

Clean and organised space

Scandinavian interior designs became phenomenal because of their different approach to simplicity and modernism. They find many ways to maintain organisation in their space, such as using built-in storage. When buying in a furniture shop in Singapore, select smart Scandinavian furniture options that can help with preserving an organised space.


Styling your home is not as easy as people think it is. It goes through several processes before getting the interior design you dreamt of. When decorating your home, one thing to keep in mind is keeping your goals. If you plan to have a Scandi-designed home, value the characteristics of Scandinavian interior designs. Invest in pieces that highlight minimalism and functionality from online furniture stores in Singapore. Think cosy, play with minimal décor accents, and use muted colours.

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