Holidays Decorating Tips

 Holidays Decorating Tips

Holiday – fun, joy, carelessness, freedom! This is a day that you want to spend with your loved ones and remember for a long time. A properly organized event will not leave guests indifferent and will be remembered for joy and spiritual fulfillment. While choosing holiday decorations, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Holiday type. Private (birthday, wedding, anniversary and others) or corporate (celebration organized for employees of a company or enterprise, for example a new year, professional holiday, etc.).
  • Individual preferences. The choice of textures and decor colors allows you to set a specific theme for the celebration. It is important to consider the birthday boy’s favorite shades if it is a birthday, as well as corporate logos and colors if the event will be for employees. The presence, absence and features of the photozone.
  • Consider the type and area of ​​the room. Try to anticipate the weather conditions if the event is held outdoors.
  • Allocated budget. It is clear that with unlimited funds allocated for the design of a festive event creating an enchanting atmosphere with the help of designers will not be a problem. But it is important to remember that with a minimal budget you can also stylishly decorate a special day on your own.

Decorating a holiday with your own hands is a creative and exciting process. The result of the spent effort and finances often depends on the original plan. Therefore, it is recommended to think over the theme, style and color scheme. Decorating a celebration with flowers, balloons, fabrics and other decorative elements will create a lot of positive emotions. Most people are used to associating holiday decorations with flowers and textiles but balloons are an effective addition to the decoration.

Balloons can be a great idea for decorations, entertainment and gift items. Due to the variety of colors, sizes, shapes, they are successfully used to decorate different events, and also be presented as an original gift. Here is a list of ideas on how to make a surprise with your own hands:

  • Decorating the room with balls and flowers by the time a person wakes up or comes. Helium balloons of various shapes and colors are suitable. Do not forget to select themed options – hearts for Valentine’s Day and balloons for birthday numbers (large foil or braided from small balloons).
  • A good gift for a girl and a woman will be a composition of flowers and balloons. It looks original and interesting. A round balloon filled with helium is tied to a basket of fresh flowers. Such decoration resembles a flying balloon.
  • Balloons with photos of a couple, one person or friends will become a pleasant surprise. This option is used to decorate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, as well as a celebration of a small team.
  • Instead of many words, balls with inscriptions can be used. For example, one or a certain number of balloons with expressions of feelings, wishes, instructions, jokes and even sarcasm, for humor lovers.
  • In honor of the holiday, it will be appropriate for a kid to purchase a composition with favorite characters or a walking balloon – delight is guaranteed.
  • Compositions of helium balloons in combination with circles, stars, hearts look stylish and advantageous. They will delight the birthday person and the graduate as well.

It is popular to design photozones for events of any type. Designers propose to make a banner or arch dedicated to the holiday as the central detail of the photozone. You can print any images and inscriptions on the banner using different shades and styles. Balloons will be a nice addition. There are a lot of design options for photozones:

  • banner combined with an arch of balloons;
  • banner decorated with helium balloons (latex or foil);
  • allocation of the photozone with helium balloons at different levels;
  • a bench, sofa or other elements of furniture decorated with compositions of helium balloons;
  • when decorating a photo space for a birthday or anniversary, it is appropriate to use foil numbers on the wall or combined with other types of balloons.

You can create decorations on your own or contact designers. If you do it alone, you will have to consider the bright lighting of the photozone for high-quality photos. If a professional photographer is invited to a holiday, you will not have to worry about the good light above the photozone.

The harmonious combination of textiles, fresh flowers and balloons can create an incredible atmosphere. Consider the specifics of the event and guests, and you will be able to organize an unforgettable holiday!

Ruth Hill