How Much Does Aircon Servicing and Repair Cost?

 How Much Does Aircon Servicing and Repair Cost?

In Singapore, the tenants must bear the cost of standard air-conditioning services. In case, there are major problems that are not included in standard servicing then the landlord is liable for associated cost. Tenants need to keep the rental property clean because the landlord is not liable for the renter’s faults and errors.

If you are about to rent a home in Singapore, then the first question that arises before signing the tenancy contract is –

How much does standard aircon servicing and repair costs?

In Singapore, the hourly charges range from $35 – $200. The repair cost differs because some contractors don’t charge hourly labor but ask for a fixed rate based on the repair extent. For cheap aircon servicing Singapore, homeowners contact the experienced professionals at Aircon Servicing Company. Normal servicing ranges from $40 to $100, chemical wash ranges from $85 to $350, and chemical overhaul ranges from $150 to $550. The pricing is transparent and will be quoted to the homeowner only after an on-site inspection.

Air conditions have multiple filters, which get clogged with dirt, dust, grime, and contaminants over time. The technicians clean all the filters to ensure great performance. The unit is inspected thoroughly to identify issues.

Routine maintenance even includes cleaning the front cover, evaporator coils, filters, and examination of other components. Flaws identified earlier can be addressed before they turn costly.

For example, if your aircon starts making loud noises or is not cooling properly, then there may be a need for a chemical overhaul service. The parts are dismantled to be cleaned with chemical solutions or replaced or repaired. The cost of a chemical overhaul can range from $150 to $550 per unit. Fortunately, with regular aircon maintenance, you can eliminate the repairs, replacement, and costly fixes.

Other associated costs to avoid with regular aircon maintenance

  • Aircons with damaged components can create short circuits. Short circuits will not just cause the air-condition to break down but even increases the risk of fire.
  • Air-condition sucks warm air from the room, cools it, and recirculates it inside at low temperature. If the aircon has dust or debris accumulated inside the unit then the air blown back carries it. People inside the room will inhale this contaminated air, which causes grave respiratory issues.
  • A buildup of debris and dust within the aircon unit increases the stress. The appliance has to work hard for maintaining the same cooling degree. It escalates the utility bills and also damages the environment.
  • Worn-out aircon becomes vulnerable and you will need to replace it prematurely. With regular cleaning and servicing, it will perform better and last longer.
  • Flaws and faults are uncovered during the cleaning process. Finding fault at an early stage allows taking care of it instantly. Overlooking and ignoring the flaws will transform into a pricey fixing issue. For example, refrigerant charge [R22] ranges from $30 to $80. With early gas topping activity, you get charged only $30 and if you wait then the price you will need to pay will be around $80.

For heavy aircon users, it is advisable to sign for an annual maintenance package. Aircon Servicing Company is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can check their ratings and comments as well as gain updates about their servicing package.

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