How to Beat Heat with Your Frenchie

 How to Beat Heat with Your Frenchie

With the summer approaching and being the dog lovers that we are, it is good to know how to keep your little babies with ‘paws’ safe in the heat. Frenchie dog or French Bulldogs are one of the breeds that just cannot stand the heat. So, in the upcoming season where the temperature is sure to rise up, it is good to know how to help our little friends with the heat. 

Frenchies and summertime

As we know, our little friends don’t do too well in the heat and may even be prone to Panting or heavy breathing which can cause brachycephalic airway syndrome (BAS). Signs may include, Enlarged eyes, ears back, excessively floppy tongue, Vomiting, Foaming at the mouth or drooling Convulsions and seizures. So we have to take measures as it is our responsibility to keep our pets safe. 

How To Keep Our Frenchies Safe

They say “Precaution is always better than Cure”. Some of the measures that we can take to help our pets are: 

Keep your Frenchies indoors, to keep them sheltered from the direct sunlight and the scorching heat. Keeping them in the shade even while going out is important. 

Prepare coolers, or dog-friendly frozen treats, frozen fruits, and vegetables like mangoes, bananas and broccoli are a good help. Make sure your dog stays hydrated so give fresh cold water. 

Buy them ‘cool coats’ that are made from chamois cloth which keeps your dog cool by evaporation. You can also tie a soaked bandana or put French Bulldog Pajamas to keep cool. 

Engage your Frenchies in water activities to keep their temperature right. They can also have their ‘cool coats’ on while they do so. Encourage them to swim and get a kiddie pool for your pet. 

Give your dog the proper grooming this summer so that they do not feel overheated by their hair. It can prevent airflow in the body and can cause a rise in temperature. 

What If Your Frenchie Is Over-Heating 

Sometimes it may happen that even after taking all the measures, your dog might be in trouble. Do not panic and here’s what you can do if such a situation occurs and to know that How to Beat Heat with Your Frenchie

If your Frenchie has been panting too much for the last 4-5 minutes, take him to shade and get some cold water. Run cold water on his abdomen. 

Take them to an air-conditioned place and get soaked clothes and wrap them around your dog. If still there are no results, immediately contact a vet. 

Ruth Hill