How to Build Muscles with Strength Training?

 How to Build Muscles with Strength Training?

As we grow older, it is very hard to keep up with our muscle build and maintenance because most of us will start losing muscle between the age 20 and 25. By the time we reach age 40, we have lost an average 8% of our muscle mass while people who aren’t physically active can end up losing anywhere from a muscle loss of 3-5%.

The two important hormones that help with muscle building in the body are testosterone and estrogen levels. if they are reduced, the muscle building also reduces. Therefore, let’s take a look at how you can keep up with muscle building for a healthy life to live longer:


  • Get Sleep and Rest


It’s important to also not skip your sleep when you’re in the process of muscle building. Coming after a serious session at the nearest gym Dubai, you need to understand that your muscles have worked hard and it deserves some sort of recovery and repair especially when you’re sleeping. But make sure you always do get the recovery you need. Because if you dont there can be chances of a delay in your muscle building. 


  • Take Your Carbohydrates


As much as other food groups, carbohydrates are an essential food source for fueling the muscles. Carbs are turned into glycogen and are stored in muscles to strengthen your workouts. So, good quality carbohydrates that are low in fat but high in grains and cereals are essential for intake and not consuming large amounts of pizza and bakery goods. Also, yoghurt, vegetables and cereals are also good sources that will boost your strength training levels as long as they are not high fibre foods. 


  • Take Proteins


If you’ve been lifting for a while, you’ll build the most muscle quickest if you think it is imperative to load up on the protein intake. It has been advised that one gram of protein per pound of body weight, which is the maximum amount your body can use in one day. 


  • Train Thrice a Week


Ensure that you go three sessions per week to create a muscle building habit. As you improve each day you can attempt to increase your sessions.  


Paul Petersen