How to Clean the Shower Seals

 How to Clean the Shower Seals

Shower seals tend to collect dirt that can lead to mould, creating an unhealthy environment in our bathroom.

For you to enjoy pleasant, healthy and beautiful-looking showers, we have prepared in this guide what water damage companies would normally advise you to do:

How to Clean Shower Seals Properly

The sealant that is applied to the shower joints acquires a porous finish when drying; for this reason, dirt and soap residue tend to accumulate in them easily. It is common for soap and water residues to deposit in the shower joints, as well as excess humidity in the bathroom, which ends up causing the joints to turn green or blackish.

On the other hand, the dirt from the joints cannot be cleaned in any way or by using products that are too aggressive, and if we do not clean the shower joints correctly, they could crack causing water infiltration, we must know very well how to do it so as not to damage anything:

Vinegar And Baking Soda

This is a homemade method to clean the joints of the shower, which in turn is effective and ecological:

First of all, with the joints well dry, wipe with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that may remain on the surface.

Then we mix in a saucepan 100 grams of baking soda, 100 ml. Vinegar, and 100 ml. of isopropyl alcohol. We mix everything well and add 800 cm3. of water, warm water softens the dirt, and we get faster results.

A Microfiber Cloth To Clean The Joints

Applying the eco-friendly cleaning product we just prepared is very easy, and we only need a clean microfiber cloth.

The only thing we have to do is to soak the cloth in the mixture that we have just prepared and clean with it all the joints of the shower, you will see how the dirt disappears quickly and once the rag gets dirty you will only have to submerge it in the mixture. This technique also serves to clean any surface of the bathroom, since it is anti-scale and disinfectant, thus preventing the appearance of mould.

The Secret Is To Be Constant

If the dirt from the seals has been embedded for a long time, it may not come out the first time, and you should rub harder than desired. Everything in home cleaning is constancy, if you do this task periodically (for example every two weeks), you will see how the shower seals are kept impeccable regularly, and cleaning becomes a little maintenance that will not take more than 10 minutes.

Clean The Rest Of The Surfaces

Finally, it is useless to leave the shower joints shiny if the rest of the surfaces are dirty. Before cleaning the joints, we recommend cleaning the walls and the floor, this way you make sure that the dirt that may have accumulated in them does not pass afterwards to the joints that you have just cleaned.

Paul Petersen