How to Protect Tile Floors when Moving

 How to Protect Tile Floors when Moving

There is everything great and exciting about moving houses. For one, you are getting a new space you love and looking forward to new experiences. Besides that, you also love that you are finally in a space you can call home. The newness of everything can be super motivating too. However, despite the love and excitement of the new space, there are a few challenges with flooring, especially tiles. How do you ensure that floors don’t get scratched and destroyed as you move?

While tiles are generally durable and resistant to damage, they are not invincible and can still get damaged. This means that there is always the possibility that the tiles will get scratched or broken if you are not careful when moving. Professionals at Biz Floor Solutions have tips that new homeowners can observe when moving into tiled spaces. These are simple, practical, and easy to follow.

First, clean the tiles. Having the tiled floors professionally cleaned by hiring experts. This ensures that there are no particles likely to damage the floor. You may wonder why this is important, considering the floors are clean and the house is new. Well, there is a possibility that dust and dirt particles could be left on the tiled floors. These small particles end up causing ugly scratches on your tile floors if they are not taken care of.

A professional tile company will ensure they deep clean the floors, removing all stubborn stains and particles that may be stuck to the floor and cause damage. It doesn’t matter if the new home is newly built or had a prior owner; deep cleaning saves you the headache of dealing with scratched floors.

Besides cleaning the tiled floors, consider covering them when moving in. When moving, this ensures that any particles from outside do not end up on the sparkling tiles and damage them. You can even confidently slide some items that will not damage your walls. To prevent continued scratching and tile damage in the future, use moving p[ads n all furniture pieces you want to move.

You should also use plastic to hold unopened boxes. This minimizes and prevents the possibility of these boxes sliding off the tiles and causing avoidable scratches. In case you have enough people helping with the moving. Have them lift stuff as opposed t sliding them across the floors. The idea is to minimize potential scratches and keep surfaces clean at all times.

It is best to hire a professional moving company to help with the moving. These experts understand the risks of moving and are likely to handle things better. Therefore, you may not have to worry much about your tile floors since they will ensure everything is where it should be without necessarily having to scratch any surfaces. What’s more, you can call them back in case of any damage and discuss a remedy.

It is essential to maintain your tile floors by regularly cleaning them. Occasional professional deep cleaning also helps keep them looking great and increases their longevity. Call us today to help you with maintenance.

Danny White