How Your Choice of Clothing Might Make You Happier

 How Your Choice of Clothing Might Make You Happier

It’s easy to sometimes fall into the mentality of trying to make yourself happy through buying new clothes, a type of retail therapy. If you find that this is something that personally works for you, there might be ways in which clothes themselves can lead you to more comfort and happiness in your day-to-day life.

When it comes to comfort, that might not be too much of a surprise, but it’s the different ways that comfort can manifest that might lead you to considering a more widespread form of happiness. Plus, if you’re feeling as though your wardrobe is in need of freshening up, this might serve as the perfect excuse.

Dopamine Dressing

There’s a certain stress that can be involved in choosing what to wear; you might feel as though you can only pull off certain looks, or that you have to go in a certain direction. These things aren’t true, though, and it could be that preconceptions are ultimately holding you back.

The idea behind dopamine dressing is wearing whatever colorful and vibrant outfits that you want in order to improve your mood, and feel more comfortable. This might extend past the visual aspect of the clothes too and be more about what feels better to you so that comfort can be the biggest priority.

Of course, there might be more to what you love than bright colors and comfort, which is something else entirely to consider.

What You Love

Embracing what you’re passionate about might mean that you display it through what you wear. Music is something that speaks to people and makes them feel connected and understood, so it makes sense that this might be something that you translate into your outfits. Furthermore, the aesthetics of certain genres and bands might align directly with what you find visually appealing, making it a natural choice.

The trick here is getting the right kind of merchandise though, mens metallica t shirts from can provide you with the sense of comfort that you’re opting for quality over something cheaper and less professional, adding to that sense of pride about what you wear.

Of course, it doesn’t even have to be so specific, and could be about incorporating your love of nature or something similarly broad into what you wear.

Second-Hand Shopping

Maybe what makes you happy is the knowledge that you’re giving back or being a part of something positive that’s perhaps greater than what you can achieve independently. You might have heard how volunteering can help to achieve this, but how does that tie in with clothing?

Well, thanks to the myriad of thrift stores that find themselves all over any given main street, you could shift your attention to buying from these places instead of your normal outlets. This can have the effect of saving you money (something that could also work to make you generally happier in other areas), as well as allowing you to feel as though you’re supporting a cause that you’re passionate about.

Ruth Hill