Importance of Water

 Importance of Water

Water is life as they say. It is considered as humanity’s liquid gold – because, without water, there won’t be any life left on earth. There are many reasons why water is very precious. While we all know that the earth is surrounded by water, not all of it can be consumed by human beings. You can take for example sea water. It can’t be used for cooking and drinking because it has a high level of salinity. How can you drink or cook with salty water, right? Rainwater can’t be used for cooking and drinking as well. It can only be used in watering plants, cleaning, washing, or flushing the toiletTo learn more about water filtration, visit USA Berkey Filters. .

Hard to admit that despite the earth being surrounded by tons of water, we are all experiencing a water crisis. This has since been a major problem and it has been going on for decades at a startling rate. Today, there are still many countries who do not have access to clean water. It is sad to know such predicament. However, there are still many people who are unaware of the importance of water that they continuously waste it endlessly.

For years many have embarked on different campaigns in promoting water conservation and the importance of water. One of these organizations is the United Nations. Based on reports by the UN, there are still almost 785 million people who do not have access to safe and clean water. Many children have died due to unclean drinking water and poor sanitation. The UN also pointed out that the use of water has increased significantly in the past couple of years. Hence, by the year 2025, the water crisis will become worse. Many of the world’s population may face having no water at all unless we find ways to save water and find effective ways to manage them.

Water, specifically clean water, is absolutely important when it comes to sanitation, hygiene, and health. Apart from being used for cooking and drinking, water has a lot of uses. They are used to wash clothes, keep the body clean, keep the environment clean, keep other living things alive such as plants and animals and a whole lot more. Water is also very valuable when it comes to farming and crop development. Plus, they are beneficial when it comes to manufacturing various products that help the economy. Having access to clean water helps in public health, maintenance of proper hygiene and promotion of good sanitation. Water-related diseases can be avoided because it supports a clean and healthy diet. Therefore, the entire humanity will not move on without access to clean water.

The water crisis is frighteningly real.  Because of this, the United Nations, in its efforts to help in water conservation and promotion of clean sanitation, came up with a way to raise awareness in the existing waste crisis. This is done with a yearly celebration of the World Water Day, celebrated every March 22 and The World Toilet Day, celebrated every November 19. These campaigns aim to make sure that people around the world are aware of the water crisis issue and will be able to help in providing necessary actions to alleviate the water crisis.

We can all contribute to this meaningful campaign. Make sure that we also raise awareness to other people and we, ourselves help save water.  We can do this by starting within our homes and workplace. Here are some helpful water conservation tips that we can use every day:

  • Be sure that all your faucets are tightly closed. Remember that tap water that is left running loses about 200 liters every 5 minutes
  • Regularly check for leaks and make sure that they are repaired immediately if detected
  • Make sure to educate and share water conservation practices to others like our children, friends, co-workers, and neighbors
  • Collect rain water while you can so you can use it for cleaning your car, watering plants or cleaning the floor
  • Recycle water! Recycled water is best to flush your toilet or washing rags and mops
  • Do not keep the water running when brushing your teeth or shaving. Use a glass when gargling
  • Use water-efficient showerheads to save water. This will help you save around 750 gallons of water per month
  • Shorten your bath time. This will help you save around 150 gallons of water per month
  • Don’t use running water when rinsing your fruits, veggies, and dishes. Use a basin or fill up your sink halfway so that water will not be wasted
  • Be sure to report any leak or damaged pipes when you see on in your community or neighborhood

These are just a few water conservation tips that you can practice along with your family and friends. Every contribution made will go a long way. As we observe yet again another World Water Day this March, let us remember and be aware of how WATER is important in our lives.

Robert Desauza