Involving Students to Preschool Fundraisers

 Involving Students to Preschool Fundraisers

A preschool center trains your children to learn the basics of socialization. It is a center for fun and interactive learning. By taking your children to preschool centers, you are allowing them to learn independence at an early age. Running a preschool center requires a lot of work – and funds too. The most common problem a preschool center encounters is the lack of funds. To get enough money to continue its operations, many preschool facilities choose to organize fundraisers.

A fundraiser may seem to involve a lot of work but preschool operators have their own ways to make it a fun and exciting event. Children love fun and exciting activities and so preschool centers involve them in fundraisers. If you would search for a preschool fundraiser on the internet, you will find a long list of results. We will narrow it down for you and list down the most common and simplest preschool fundraisers that involve the students.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit

Slime Sale

Preschool children love to play slime. Slime is usually made of non-toxic materials so it’s safe for kids. Slime recipes can be found on the internet but you might want to check out Elmer’s – the site is full of safe and fun slime recipes that preschoolers will sure love. Let them experiment together. Have them put the slime inside a mason jar and sell it later at school events. They can sell the jars of slime to friends too.

Movie Night

Hosting a movie night is another exciting fundraiser any preschoolers will enjoy. Just make sure that you are to show a film suitable for the age of preschoolers. You can raise money by charging an admission fee. Selling drinks and snacks will help you raise more funds. Just be sure to avoid selling sweet drinks and snacks.

Penny Drive

This is one of the easiest fundraisers for preschool centers. Children may participate by decorating their own jars. They can do the decorating as part of their daily school activities. This drive can last up to a month. Children will convince their parents to give their spare change every day and drop them inside the jars. You may give incentive or prize to the child who raises the most money at the end of the collection period.

Plant Some Veggies

This fundraiser is another exciting way of raising funds with the kids. Preschool children love to do activities outdoors. For this activity, adult supervision is highly important. To avoid accidents, sharp or pointed garden tools must only be handled by adults. The kids’ participation will only be at the time of planting the seedlings. You may let the children use plastic trowels for this. This fundraiser might take some time before you can actually see some profits. However, the important thing here is the value learned by the children – the value of planting their own food. Another thing is at an early age, children will learn to take care of and grow their own plants. As the harvest time comes, and so the profits come too.

Raffle for a Cause

Raffle for a cause can be paired to other fundraising events such as the movie night. Preschool children may be involved by giving out prizes that are appropriate for their age. It can be anything from small toys to a bag of cookies or anything that makes a kid happy. This way, you keep the cost of the prize low and you still got the kids involved in the fundraiser.

Reading Marathon or Read-a-thon

For the reading marathon, preschool centers can raise funds by asking some sponsors to donate. Sponsors will pledge a donation for every book a child reads. This activity does not only raise funds for the preschool center but also helps the participating students develop their reading ability.

Bingo Day/Night

Bingo is one of the most popular card games played not just in the USA but the whole world. It is a proven fun game for everyone including kids. Nowadays, you can customize bingo cards with the use of free applications online. Choose a design that is themed for preschoolers. Use animals, superheroes, food or fruit designs. Charge a small fee for each card. Again, you can sell food and drinks such as pizzas, popcorns, water, lemonade, and other snacks to raise more funds.

These ideas can be tailored to the needs of the preschool center. By being creative, they can mix-match different fundraisers to make the event even more exciting. The goal is not just to raise funds but also to teach the children the value of charity and giving unconditionally.

Robert Desauza