Is VOX Mode an Essential Baby Monitor Feature?

   Is VOX Mode an Essential Baby Monitor Feature?



Being a parent means keeping a constant check on your sleeping baby amid all other responsibilities that you need to look after. Especially if you are busy at something, checking up on the baby every after every few minutes can be stressful. 

This is where baby monitors come for the rescue. A baby monitor’s duty is to transmit either audio or video of the sleeping baby on which it is focused on. In this regard, a baby monitor comes with all sorts of varying features such as audio/video transmission, night-vision, temperature check, and more. One such feature is VOX mode. 


VOX mode explained

VOX stands for Voice Operated Switch. In simple terms, it is an electronic switch that activates when the sound of a specific threshold is detected. So, how a VOX works in a baby monitor? 

According to, The primary job of a baby monitor is to let a parent know when the baby is awake. It does so by either transmitting the sound or video of the baby. In this regard, a VOX comes quite handy since, as soon as it detects noise, it immediately starts the transmission. If there is no noise, it stays in a standby position. 


Why use VOX mode?


  • Immediate alert


As stated above, VOX mode activates only at the detection of sound. Therefore, you don’t need to wait eagerly by the receiver to see if the baby is awake. The baby monitor will notify you the moment the baby makes a noise. Thus, you can rest easy and don’t have to respond to every voice and guess when the baby is awake.



  • Saves battery 


For the same reason, the VOX mode will significantly reduce the battery consumption of your baby monitor. Since it won’t be active all the time, you can save your baby monitor’s battery. This also saves you from recharging the battery very often and use the baby monitor for an elongated period.



  • Fewer internet charges


Apart from the battery, internet data is another thing you’ll be saving with the VOX mode. With less Wi-Fi or data usage, your internet charges also drop notably. Keep in view that baby monitors without VOX modes need to be active all the time, and thus, internet charges increases. However, the VOX mode enables baby monitors to operate only when the baby makes a sound.



  • Sensitivity control


Another perk that VOX mode offers is that you can manually adjust the sound sensitivity on your baby monitor according to the sensitivity of your baby’s voice. This means you’ll be asking the baby monitor to alert me only when the baby makes a sound. It will ignore all other sounds and respond only to a sound of specific sensitivity or threshold that you configured. Thus, any unrelated sounds in the room won’t bother you.



In light of the above-stated factors, one can easily say that baby monitors with VOX mode serves many great purposes for us. Not only they alert us only when necessary but help us save big in terms of battery and internet bills. Undoubtedly, the VOX mode makes a great baby monitor feature.

Ruth Hill