Large Magnetic Dog Door

Dogs have a tendency of wanting to be on the opposite side of whatever closed door is in front of them. Any of us that share our homes with a dog understands the frustration of letting your dog out, letting him back in within a few minutes, then finding him wanting out again in a few more minutes. One solution to having to play doggie door person to your indecisive family pet is to install a large magnetic dog door. Let’s take a quick look at how these work and how they can help you.

How the Large Magnetic Dog Door Works

The large magnetic dog door has magnetic strips built into the sides. When the magnetic strips are activated, they flip a switch that unlocks the door flap and allows the flap to move freely. Your dog wears a collar that also contains a magnet. When it gets to about two feet away from the dog door, the collar magnet activates the flap magnet, which activates the locking mechanism. Your pet can then pass freely through the door. Once he is two feet away, the locking mechanism is then released back into the locking position.

Choosing the Correct Size

When choosing a large magnetic dog door, you will want to pay more attention to the actual measurements of the flap. Door sizes labeled, large, extra-large, or giant actually vary by style and brand. You want to go by the size of your dog itself. If the door is too small, your pet may not be able to get through it comfortably. A door that is too big would require a magnetic strip that may be too heavy in the dog collar and be uncomfortable. Go into your purchase knowing your dog’s exact size and compare it to the measurements of the door.

Is a Large Magnetic Dog Door Safe?

You may be wondering how safe a large dog door would be. After all, can’t a human fit through it? Yes, a human could fit through the larger doors but if you look at things from the perspective of a burglar, seeing such a large door would make one think twice about risking entering a home with a dog that needed such a large door. There are fewer security options available on larger size doors, but the size itself is often a deterrent.

Do Your Homework

As with any other major purchase, take time to explore your options and do your homework before making a purchase. This door will save you and your pet a lot of time and frustration, but it is meant to be considered a permanent change in the home’s structure. Choose well.


Paul Petersen