Marketing possibilities for e-commerce

 Marketing possibilities for e-commerce

How can you attract the ideal customers to your online store? How do you persuade them to stay? What distinguishes you from your competitors? These questions should get addressed in your e-commerce marketing plan. Many e-commerce sites use pay-per-click advertising, social media networks, and search engine optimization. But, other than these tried-and-true methods, what else can you do? I chatted with online store owners to gather tips on e-commerce marketing chances you shouldn’t pass up.

  • Make the Most of Your Content

“This year, instead of throwing our products onto marketplaces and social sales channels to see who bites,” Gurbaksh Chahal explains, “we’re focusing internally on converting our decent content traffic (around 15k-20k unique visitors/mo.) into consumers.” “I think a lot of small businesses (like ours) look outside to attract more customers, but they forget that if they don’t leverage 10+ years of traffic-driving material into selling tools, they’re missing out on a lot of potentials.” I suppose you could say we’re making the most of our current sales channel before moving on to other ones.”

  • Customers should get engaged.

Being proactive with customer service is another way to maximize your audience. Send tracking information and delivery status notifications, and follow up after delivery to ensure the goods are in good condition. To centralize all of your support channels, you can use software like Gorgias for Shopify. Your clients will appreciate the individualized attention provided by combining email, live chat, and messenger tickets into one help-desk platform, while your support team will eliminate redundancy. You’ll also learn more about them and gain a better grasp of their shopping habits.

  • Influence the Power Brokers

According to Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, giving away free product samples to the right people is a good idea. “To discover influencers, we used Instagram’s hashtag search. We understood our target market was Instagram users with 5,000 to 20,000 followers. The company found people who would reflect her brand well using search terms like #beautyblogger and #parenthood and sent direct messages to reinforce the relationship. The influencers spread the word about the brand to their respective audiences once the partnerships got established, and DermWarehouse uses photographs of these influencers for online advertising campaigns.

  • Don’t Forget About the Restricted Approach.

“Our brand is on the back of all of our things, and no item leaves the delivery location without one!” On the label, we printed our homepage as well as the casualty rate purchase number. Those modest stickers have proven to be a tremendous marketing asset over my ten years in business, as we’ve received several recommendations and grown our sales as a result of consumers showing the sticker to friends and family, who then go to our website and buy.”

  • Replace Links with Recommendations

Thousands of pages are deleted, obsolete, or lost every day on the internet. Many of these pages are product pages on e-commerce websites, which gives a chance for other e-commerce enterprises to identify the broken links and replace them with their own. There are a few ways to achieve this; I select a competitor website and run it through link checking tools regularly.

Danny White