OLED TV – Simply Explained

 OLED TV – Simply Explained

Televisions have come a long way since their introduction decades ago. The first televisions used screens that gave them a convex shape. The convex shape resulted in poor image quality. There is not much to talk about audio systems and displays either.

What sets LG OLED TV stands apart from other brands’ TVs are deeper blacks, infinite contrast, wider color gamut and most noticeable feature: curvature. The benefits of a curved screen are not hard to see. Watching curved TV may interest you. This gives you the feeling that you are involved in the scene and are part of the event. It can be really exciting when the screen is paired with a comparable sound system.

A sense of belonging to LG OLED TVs

Besides the feeling of belonging to a curved TV, there is a depth factor here. This is not the case with flat screen TVs, where the screen can go beyond what you see in the real world. Curved screens are almost like 3D screens in that they can add depth to an image, which can bring the screen to life in endless ways.

Another benefit of a curved screen is the wider field of view it offers to viewers. This does not apply to flat panels as you may have noticed that the image may appear clipped at the edges.

The advantage of curvature in LG OLED TVs

Contrast is critical to picture quality and is easiest to achieve on LG OLED TVs. This is because the screen can focus due to the curvature. What actually happens is that your eyes become a focal point, like a satellite dish. Good contrast actually means superior viewing quality and improved color reproduction.

The curved screen adapts well to the curvature of the eyes and thus provides an even effect on the eyes. Manufacturers take this fact seriously, and this is one of the reasons TV manufacturers strive to keep the bend at its best when compared to the average viewer. Therefore, the rationale for having a curved screen for optimal viewing for the observer is more scientific than simply presenting the function for its sake.

LG OLED TV Feature Overview

Depending on the model you choose to buy, LG OLED TVs may include one of the many features shown below.

The TV includes the following speakers: Dolby Digital decoder, 2.2ch speaker system, 40W audio output, OLED surround sound system. Sound modes include: Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice III, Music, Optimizer 3 sound and game modes.

Ordering LG OLED TVs

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