Online Gambling – Signs of Addiction

 Online Gambling – Signs of Addiction

Online gambling is becoming popular by each passing day. People are finding more reasons to move over to online gambling. As per a study conducted by the American Gaming Association people are moving to slot online for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Convenience (48%)
  • More comfortable (24%)
  • Fun / excitement / entertainment (24%)
  • Able to win money (9%)
  • Anonymity & privacy (6%)

But, it is important to draw the line to stay away from online gambling, turning into an addiction. Diagnostically, gambling addiction is regardless of the type of gambling – whether it is online, at a racetrack, at a casino, at sports, or with friends.

Although there are certainly a few unique features that indicate online gambling addiction, for the most part, the setting is not a crucial determinate of diagnosing Pathological Gambling. It is important to understand the gambling addiction signs, and according to the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Pathological Gambling is diagnosed and confirmed only when an individual meets five-plus of the following criteria:

Gambling Addiction Symptoms and Signs

1. Preoccupation with gambling which may include fondly reliving past gambling experiences, or planning the next gambling session, or keep finding ways to get the money needed to gamble.

2. An urge to spend higher amounts of money to achieve the desired level of excitement and fun.

3. Multiple unsuccessful attempts oftrying to reduce or stop gambling altogether.

4. Restlessness and irritability when trying to quit or reduce gambling habits.

5. Considering gambling to avoid temporarily improving one’s mood – depression or stress.

6. Getting back to gambling after making repeated losses as a way of earning back the money lost or chasing losses.

7. Lying to family, friends, therapists, or society in an attempt to cover up the time or money wasted while gambling.

8. Involvement in illegal activities like – forgery, robbery, or fraud in order to finance gambling habits.

9. Relying on others for money to get out of a desperate financial situation caused by gambling.

  1. Significant professional, personal relationships, or educational difficulties as a result of gambling is one of the most significant indications of gambling addiction.If you are a gambler, if you really can’t stay away from the casino for longer, if you can’t stop planning your expenses around gambling, then please check yourself for these signs of becoming a gambling addict. Know where to draw the line.

Paul Petersen