Practical Tips for Keeping Toys in a Self-Storage Unit

 Practical Tips for Keeping Toys in a Self-Storage Unit

If you’re considering renting a storage unit for toys, it’s likely you’re facing one of few situations: the kiddos have too many toys, they’re outgrowing the ones they have, or you’re planning to relocate in the future.

Regardless of the challenge you’re facing, if decluttering toys is the idea, we can help you pack and prep those toys safely away with these self-storage tips.

Deciding What to Keep…and What to Do with the Rest

You or your children may want to hold on to sentimental items for personal reasons, and some may have intrinsic value and are part of collections. These toys are ideal for storage, as the point of the facility is to keep what you really want.

Then, there are usable items that can be donated or passed along for enjoyment rather than sitting in a box. Of course, those old broken-down toys should be properly refused or recycled.

Clean Toys for Keeping or Donating

As with anything you plan to store, it’s best to put it in the mini storage nice and clean. Wipe down any plastic toys, remove batteries from electronics, and consider a gentle washing of stuffed animals with soils or stains.

This helps prevent bacterial growth, mildew formation, and ensures items don’t get damaged from battery acids. Clear plastic bins are perfect for toy storage, as you can easily locate your items when needed.

While bags and boxes are fine, they might break down during long term storage or allow moisture penetrations.

Consider Climate Controlled Self-Storage for Toys

Many toys contain sensitive electronic components or feature plastic parts that simply don’t hold up to the elements.

If you are planning to store these goods throughout a cold winter or steamy summer, climate controlled self-storage is the safest bet to keep toys play-ready when you get remove them to take home.

Get your toy situation under control with a small investment in a self-storage unit that can allow you to hold onto those items a bit longer and eventually share some fond memories with future generations.

Ruth Hill