Protecting Your Android: Must-Have Apps for a Secure Device

 Protecting Your Android: Must-Have Apps for a Secure Device

In this era, we’re all living in two worlds at the same time: the real world and the virtual. There’s simply no escaping it. We live such a huge portion of our lives online that we’ve developed a digital self with likes and dislikes, relationships, and what not. 

Our digital self is an extension of our physical self, they are the one and the same and both need to be protected. Where our bodies need to be protected against sharp objects and weapons, our virtual bodies need to be made safe from hackers. Information in the wrong hands can get troublesome fast. Given that for most of us the primary point of access to the digital world are our phones, securing it should be top priority. A lot of us tend to get complacent with our devices and that should never be the case. So, here are some apps you can use to ensure a safe foray into the digital world. We’d suggest you download them right away.


The fingerprint lock on your phone might be lulling you into a fake sense of security. While it does make your phone undoubtedly more secure, there’s more you can do. With AppLock you can install a lock on individual apps. Say you had to give your phone to someone for a call, sounds harmless but it makes you vulnerable by opening your entire system up for them. The wrong person can easily steal your information. With individual locks in place, you can be assured that even if you give someone your phone to use, your information will be protected. We’d suggest you get to those banking apps ASAP.

Avast Mobile Security

Viruses are a serious threat to your privacy. Chances are if your phone does get infected you’ll probably not even realize it. So, we’d suggest you take some expert help on this. 

Avast helps you fight viruses and secures your home from many other threats. It alerts you when adware and spyware get installed in your phone so you’re in the know about what’s happening. They are quite effective in finding threats and neutralizing and have been doing so for a long time. You’ll definitely benefit from having this app around. 

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky has been around for some time and know their way around a PC. The software has branched into providing free services to phones in the form of an app. It keeps an eye on your text messages, cloud services and more to protect you from unsafe links that phish and steal your personal information as you browse the internet. 

Signal Private Messenger

Messaging apps have upped their game in the past years, ensuring your interaction is safe from prying eyes. Usually though their security hits a wall when the other person does not use the same messaging app. The end-to-end encryption is not possible. Signal Private Messenger, on the other hand, adds an extra layer of security to any message you send even if the person you’re sending the message to does not use this app. Neat, right?

Secure Call

Well, you got your messages covered, now how about your calls? Secure Call makes sure that nobody can eavesdrop on your conversation. It provides end-to-end encryption for all your calls so nobody can tap in. 

App Ops

Some overzealous apps think your phone offers them free data to sell as they see fit. They ask for permission oftentimes completely unneeded for the services they provide, breaching your personal space. Keeping track of all the permissions of all the apps can become time consuming which is where App Ops comes in. It helps you block unnecessary permissions apps request. 


How can we not include a VPN on the list? 

Sites have the pesky habit of collecting your data as you browse. And, if you’re someone who logs into public Wi-Fi’s on a daily basis, rest assured all your dreaded search history is open for all to see. Getting a VPN is a no-brainer then. SaferVPN provides fast and secure internet connection ensuring your online experience is not compromised. 

Final Words

There, that’s it. Just a few apps and you’ll be safe. So, get to downloading. With a high-speed internet connection like Spectrum Mobile you’ll have them working wherever you go in no time at all. If you don’t already subscribe to their services Spectrum internet prices are sure to tempt you. Be safe and take care!

Paul Petersen