Should I Purchase an SUV or Mid-Size Car?

 Should I Purchase an SUV or Mid-Size Car?

When choosing between a Ford SUV or mid-size car, it may seem like a easy pick for you but if you start to look into the advantages and disadvantages of each, the choice is harder. You need to look at your current needs and also your budget and future needs.

Benefits of Ford Mid-Size Cars

SUV sales have become more popular, while sedans are slumping due to the lower fuel prices. Sedans get better mileage than SUVs. The ownership cost of an SUV can rise if gas prices start to spike. Few SUVs also match the comfort of a sedan.

It’s much easier to secure valuables in the trunk of a sedan than in an SUV. One of the disadvantages of sedans used to be the off-road driving performance but now more sedans are being offered with sophisticated traction control systems and all-wheel drive to give them better performance in marginal weather.

Benefits of Ford SUVs

SUVS do offer roomier interiors and cargo areas, along with better visibility due to the height. If you routinely travel with a lot of cargo then you may want to consider an SUV. While it’s common that five people can fit in an SUV, as well as a mid-size car, people will be more comfortable in an SUV thanks to roomier interiors.

SUVs are starting to become more car-like and gaining technology and safety features that were once only in smaller cars. Ride comfort is also improving, and more SUVs are sharing the same platform as cars. SUVs are also becoming more fuel-efficient. If you plan on towing then get an SUV for better towing capabilities.

No matter what Ford model you choose, you want to be sure to do your research, so you are getting the right features for your needs.

Ruth Hill