Start business Fujairah free zone business incorporation zone (BIZ)

 Start business Fujairah free zone business incorporation zone (BIZ)

Fujairah is the fifth-largest in the United Arab Emirates and the only coastal area in the Gulf of Oman. There are two main free zones in Fujairah: Fujairah Creative City and business incorporation zone(BIZ). Both offer a variety of license types and are more expensive than the Dubai-based free zones. This makes them an attractive option, especially for new and autonomous companies that do not need physical office space.

The Fujairah business incorporation zone (BIZ) borders the port of Fujairah and is close to the Fujairah International Airport. It focuses on companies, service providers, logistics companies and manufacturers.

Key features of the Fujairah free zones:

The FCC has the following advantages:

  • The configuration options for the company start at 17,500 AED (approximately US $ 4,750) per game;
  • You do not need a physical presence in the UAE to incorporate your new company;
  • Ed No paid capital or annual audit is required;
  • All company documents can be issued in a few days;
  • Assignment of seven UAE residence visas without an office b Office Fireplace.
  • The Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) is administered by the business incorporation zone (BIZ) It provides the best logistic link and offers the following types of licenses:
  • And trade and general business license;
  • License production license;
  • Warehouse license;
  • Consulting/service license; Y
  • Industrial license.

Business Incorporation Zone

FFZ has the following advantages:

Special customs tax on all imported and finished products for export and re-export outside the UAE. Customers do not have to pay labor obligations or use raw materials;

  • All types of businesses are considered subject to the approval of the Fujairah Free Zone Authority;

There are no minimum capital requirements to set up a zone free zone. AED 150,000 is a free zone establishment (FZE) or a free zone company (FZC), but the minimum social capital and payment capital requirements vary depending on the type of license;

There is no law to recruit UAE citizens.

Benefit-free areas of Fujairah:

Creative city of Fujairah: for a fixed system, the license will be issued within seven days for the applicant to request the bank account of the company. The Free Zone is automatically applied to the immigration card, which takes 10 to 15 business days. Once this is issued, the holder can apply for a residence visa in the UAE.

FCC license holders may have an address registered at one of the FCC’s business centers and service facilities based in Dubai for a specific number of hours per month. This is especially for customers who are only in the UAE for a short period of time because they do not need to travel to Fujairah.

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