Stuck Indoors? Improve Your Mind with Iowaska!

 Stuck Indoors? Improve Your Mind with Iowaska!

COVID lockdown has made our lives dull and boring. Remaining indoors for so long is changing our behavior too. It’s causing a Feeling of frustration, annoyance, irritation, and making you furious. All you need is to go out and chill for some time alone.

Secret to Improve Your Mind?

So, what are your post lockdown plans? If, none then we have one that will change your way of living forever. Amazon, the magical land of ancient civilization will heal your soul through this. You will overcome these anxious feelings. There is A magical drink that will help you. It will improve your mind, remove stress, and make you calm. You will have clarity of thoughts that will get you the peace that you are looking for. It will overcome your feeling of fear, anxiety, and nervousness.

Now you must be curious—What is that powerful elixir you are unaware of? Taking care of that—- name of that magical drink is “Iowaska”. You may also have heard of it as “Ayahuasca”. Now you are remembering the stories you have heard. People all over the world traveling to amazon to experience this psychoactive brew. Yes, all tales are true. Peru, the mystical land of Mayans is calling you out for the life-changing experience. But before that you must know, “what Ayahuasca is”?

What is Ayahuasca?

As per ancient Amazonians tribes— it is a sacred drink used in religious and spiritual purposes. In North-America and Brazil some communities use it for religious customs. commoners usually call it tea, vine, or la purga. Though it’s a brew made from the leaves of sacred “Psychotria Viridis shrub” and stalks of “Banisteriopsis caapi vine”. Though there are other ingredients too—all of that is technical. The major point is that it has scientifically proven benefits over the human mind. It’s where the fascination comes—-how those ancient sages of amazon know about this amazing drink? That question remains a mystery till now. Don’t think more of that because it will only give you stress. Here, is the 7-day retreat in the Amazon rainforest for you to make your experience incredible.

7-day retreat in the Amazon rainforest:

 This 7-day Amazon rainforest retreat will help you get a wonderful experience. If you are a first-timers the it will help you in getting that wonderful experience that you have heard of. like you Well, Ayahuasca is available on the Internet to buy. But we do not recommend you to get one. It’s the tradition, the culture of the Amazonian sages that makes it incredible. As said “It’s about the journey, not the destination”. It is the journey that will make you achieve that peace. This is what you need to escape from—sitting in your room. Get up and start your extraordinary journey of life. Learn more about “Ayahuasca” before starting.

Ruth Hill