THC Cartridges, The Complete Guide to Prefilled Oil Vape Cartridges

 THC Cartridges, The Complete Guide to Prefilled Oil Vape Cartridges

To get the most out of marijuana, you’d have to either hunt down the traditional Thai stick (or make your own homemade bud). You can find novelty at head shops across the country. THC vape oil can be so unfamiliar that you may not even understand what they are. THC cartridges are the easiest way to get your marijuana ganja.

What Are THC Cartridges?

It all started with a clever idea from a consumer of canny marijuana. He wanted to alter an electronic tobacco cigarette to let him smoke cannabis instead.

A THC cartridge is a container that has been pre-filled with your preferred strain. It contains THC oils. Once the THC cartridge is heated to a certain temperature, the oil vaporizes. You can then inhale to your heart’s content without worrying too much about the negative effects of smoking on your lungs.

How does a THC cartridge work?

Let’s use the above photo as a reference. What does the small piece with the left end in the foreground look like? It is a THC capsule. You’re ready for flight by simply pressing the button on a vaporizer. The THC oil cartridge is then vaporized.

What Benefits Are There To THC Cartridges?

1) Higher potency

Vaping with THC Cartridges is more potent that smoking. This is because the temperature at which cannabinoids are liquid or solid changes to gas is lower than when you smoke.

This temperature drop preserves many of the active components in marijuana. These are the substances that get you high, and make you feel good.

2) Ease of use

Pills tinctures and creams may be the easiest ways to get marijuana into your system. But, vaporizers & THC cartridges at the very minimum are extremely popular.

3) Portability

THC cartridges are incredibly portable. A THC cartridge and heating device can be slipped into your shirt pocket, or in your handbag.

No baggies that could break open and spill. There are no lids that can be removed. No muss, no fuss. THC goodness in every ounce of your hand.

4) Controlled Dosing

When using a new product, everyone wants to ensure they are getting the right dosage. Nobody wants to go on a negative trip. The THC cartridge allows you to inhale a controlled amount.

Are you getting color to talk to your brain? If the edges are getting dull, you can put your vape pen away. You will find the THC cartridge waiting for your touch.

5) Secrecy

The smoke and smell of joints and bongs are always a concern. It is not possible to smoke a fatty in your office without getting some repercussions.

But a vape pen with THC cartridge means you don’t have worry about being noticed. All of the components are contained, so there is no smell.

Paul Petersen