The 4 Web Design Golden Rules You Should Never Break

 The 4 Web Design Golden Rules You Should Never Break

Web designcan be a complex world, especially when you’re just starting. But getting hung on its aesthetics is not too complicated if you stay focused and disciplined. One thing you should know about websites is that it’s not all about the looks. There is a lot you need to pay attention to and rules you should understand.

So, if you’re getting started with your web design, here are four golden rules you should never break.

Navigability Is Key

A website that takes you rounds and rounds when you only need something simple is such a turn-off. When designing your website, put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Will you leave a site that is too complicated and hard to navigate? If your answer is yes, you should make sure your visitors don’t face such a problem.

Once your visitors land on your page, they should easily figure out what they need to do next. Your goal is to make your visitors spend more time browsing your site so that they can convert. Don’t put them through the struggle of figuring out how to do things because they’ll not be too patient.

Consider the Semantic Markup

The semantic markup of your page will determine the hierarchy of your content. How you structure your HTML determines how your users or a machine will read it. The HTML will define the accessibility and semantics of your site; hence you must implement it correctly.

The semantic markup of your website doesn’t have to be so complicated if you follow the HTML tags. These are chosen based on how important your website’s content is, hence making it easy to follow. With the right semantic markup, you’ll increase the ranking and accessibility of your site.

Check on Your Fonts

The font size of your texts can look harmless, but they speak volumes when it comes to your website. Never get tempted to use too many fonts in a single site, as this will interfere with the structure and make your site look unprofessional. If you must use many, don’t go beyond three fonts.

The fonts you choose must be appropriate to your industry. The choice of your fonts should be cohesive and in line with the message you’re trying to portray. Don’t make them childlike or completely unprofessional. Also, remember to use appropriate font sizes.

Mobile Friendliness

Another rule you shouldn’t forget if you are a web design Canada expertis to make your site mobile friendly. In a world where almost everyone uses a smartphone, it will be a waste of time if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. If your site doesn’t display correctly on a mobile device, there are zero chances that you’re going to retain the visitor long enough.

Many people nowadays browse the net, make purchases, trade, and get entertainment through their mobile devices. Your visitors should do all these on your site with ease. Making your site mobile-friendly ensures improved user-experience and increases engagement.

Robert Desauza