The Diver’s Deep Companion – The Rolex Submariner

 The Diver’s Deep Companion – The Rolex Submariner

The wristwatch is one of the ageless style icons that has retained its position in this modern technological era. Though its main function is to help us know the time, it is still considered a status symbol. Apart from the fashion perspective, some watches are crafted to help the divers when they dive deep into the sea or any waterbody. This short article will try to shed some light on the Rolex Submariner. You can explore more at

The Reason For Having A Diver Watch?

As you dive deeper, the visibility lessens. That’s the reason for dive watches coming into existence. Diver watches help the diver to track time when he is deep underwater. Diver watches have fluorescent time markers to ensure divers precisely track the time. They are specially designed to give the best possible visibility when underwater. With the increasing activities of adventure sports like Scuba Diving, the demand for diver watches is also rising.

What Features Should A Diver Watch Have?

  • Water resistance up to a minimum of 100 Mtrs deep. Today the Rolex Submariner has made it possible to raise it to 300 Mtrs. deep
  • Shock resistant
  • Chemical and Magnetic resistant
  • Rotating Bezel: This helps the divers to know how long they are underwater
  • A luminescent dial with large time markers

History Of Diver Watches?

As per records, it seems Rolex was the first company to come up with this innovative product. In 1926, the first water-resistant watch was introduced, named Oyster. In 1953, the first submariner watch was launched by Rolex, claiming to have a water resistance of 100 Mtrs underwater.

Though many companies manufacture diver watches, Rolex was the first to set a standard for diver’s watches. 

Rolex is regarded as a market leader in this segment, as the first choice of many buyers is to go for Rolex for its unmatched quality and reliability.


Watches have been with us for ages as time indicators. They are a part of our daily life. 

Though new applications include watches or clocks as time indicators, the craze to have a fashionable wristwatch or wall clock still exists. Measuring an individual’s societal or economic status is still a parameter.

Apart from style, there are watches which are used as an important tool, especially for the divers’ when they are diving deep underwater. Also, for scuba divers, this is a handy tool whenever they want to track their underwater time.

Paul Petersen