The Things You Need To Do After A Car Accident In San Diego California

 The Things You Need To Do After A Car Accident In San Diego California

Car accidents are a very common occurrence in San Diego where more people die of a car crash every single year than that of guns. Also, several other people die in a car wreck than those who get murdered. Any car injury lawyer can vouch for the statement and you should always protect yourself for the worst-case scenario in such cases. Between the years 2012 and 2016 police of San Diego reported around 260 fatal car accidents as compared to 206 murders. If you get affected in such cases, or someone of your known circle gets affected by the reckless driving then Nakase law farm, one of the best in the city can certainly provide you the proper guidance.

Some car accident statistics in San Diego

The national highway traffic safety administration has provided a data last year that every 12 minutes, one automobile accident resulting in death within San Diego. Even if you have not been in such a situation chances are that you have at least seen auto collision once during your life in San Diego. Starting from accidents due to trucks rare Indian cars to getting mowed down by a truck is a regular instance in San Diego. In cases of spinal cord injury, many people end up in a coma.  In such cases hiring a lawyer for spinal cord injury from a car crash will be the best option for you.

FAQS regarding the car accident

Millions of drivers in the state of California go out every single day. That is why it is almost impossible to avoid the accident part, from your life. Precaution in such cases is a must. Instead of trusting other people, you should look for the best possible option for yourself and in truth, the law firm of Nakase has seen many innocent people are being taken advantage of! Brad Nakase started a law firm to provide justice to such people and he has been doing so for the last 15 years. See Brad Nakase twitter page #LawNakase and website design and seo for lawyers.

The proper procedure to get a car accident police report

In case of any auto accident that results in a personal injury or car damage, police report helps in reflecting the truth and in claiming the insurance from the insurance companies. After reporting the accident in 911, report for any serious injury or emergency point after that when the police officer arrived obtained a traffic condition report of the particular case.

Timing of hiring an attorney

Depending on the severity of the accident you should call an attorney accident as soon as possible. If you are not in a Grave situation, then you should try to hire an attorney within 24 hours and file your complaint to the police station. If not possible by yourself then at least get a relative or someone close to you to make the report within 3 to 4 working days. This will help you in recovering your claim and avoid any hassle or paperwork from the insurance companies.

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