Three Pin Socket Vs. Multipin Plug Socket | Which one is better?

 Three Pin Socket Vs. Multipin Plug Socket | Which one is better?

When you are building or renovating the house, you should not miss looking for electrical connections. The home electrical distribution system is highly important to look upon. If you are looking for a good quality connection in your house, installing the multipin plug socket is essential. But we still rely on the traditional sockets and choose the three-pin socket and two-pin socket for most of the time. It’s pretty essential to understand that the multipin plug sockets are better than the three-pin or two-pin sockets.

If you are in the dilemma of choosing the three-pin plug socket or the multipin plug socket, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share detailed information on the three-pin and the multipin plug sockets. Once reading this post, you’ll be able to choose the right type of socket for your house or the commercial establishment.

Three Pin Socket Vs. Multipin Plug Socket

#1 – Connectivity

The three-pin socket and the multipin socket can accommodate multiple plugs with ease. Both of these sockets allow you to connect the three-pin and two-pin plugs easily. But with the multipin socket, you can easily connect a variety of other devices. Be it the USB device or the USB-C device, or even the international standard plug, which won’t support your traditional three-pin plug socket. With the multipin socket, the connectivity increases by a huge margin, and you will be able to use almost all types of devices without worrying about compatibility with the system.

#2 – Usability

The usability of the multipin plug socket is very good. As the connectivity options are abundant, you can easily use the multipin plug socket for various devices. To do the same with the traditional three-pin socket, you have to get the extension box to attach multiple devices. That’s nothing but the hassle of maintaining the mess of the cables. So, it’s highly recommended to get the multipin plug sockets installed in your house as it allows you to live a hassle-free life.

#3 – Safety

The three-pin plug sockets are highly safe for regular use. But they are just the plug sockets. The multipin sockets are also safe, but they come with the standard electrical safety ratings due to the smart circuitry inside the multipin plug sockets. Due to the same, these sockets deliver the power to all of the equipment at the right voltage. So, there is no hazard of the fire and the short circuit of the connected devices due to the voltage overload. The three-pin plug sockets are safe to use without any issues, but the multipin plug sockets are safer as they have a circuit board that identifies the voltage of the connected devices for better safety.

Paul Watson