Tips for Making an Inflatable Board Last Longer 

 Tips for Making an Inflatable Board Last Longer 

People who love paddle boarding will need a suitable SUP. However, the board is expensive to buy. Hence, it is prudent to look for ways of preserving it. The inflatable boards are more sensitive compared to solid boards. That is because their material is softer than wood. Learn the tips for making your inflatable board last for a longer time.

Avoid Sharp Objects 

When you are using the inflatable stand-up paddle boards, always exercise caution at all times. Take a keen look at places you intend to paddle. Make sure it doesn’t have sharp rocks, thorns, and thistles. These pointy objects will puncture your board. That will put an end to your paddle boarding adventure because the SUP can’t store air.

Proper Storage 

Be very cautious about where you store the SUP because that might reduce its durability. Never put your inflatable SUP in places with pointy objects. They might fall on it and cause a puncture. When packed in a bag, the SUP can fit anywhere. You can place it in your closet or room. It will be safer in such places than in a garage filled with metals, tools, and other substances exist.


An inflated board faces the risks of puncture and damage. Any sharp object that rubs on its surface is likely to destroy it. Hence, never leave the paddle board inflated if you are not using it. Be committed to deflating and inflating your board when necessary. That will increase its longevity. Remember, if your SUP is in the bag, it is safer.

Buying Quality 

When you don’t invest in quality, never expect the SUP to last for a long time. No matter how cautious you handle a low-quality inflatable board, it will never last. That is because they are made of soft material. Anything can damage its surface and cause a puncture. Remember, you cannot restore punctured inflatable stand-up paddle boards made with a soft material. Hence, buy quality SUP.

Professional Repairs 

When your inflatable board has a problem or a malfunction, never attempt to repair it. That is how most persons damaged the pumping system and other vital features like the fins. Most manufacturers provide repairs for their inflatable SUP. Take the damaged SUP to the experts to avoid damaging it. The specialists will repair it properly to elongate its durability.

You can also rely on a local technician with a reputation for providing high-quality repairs too.



Paul Petersen