Tips to approach a man that you want to hang out with 

 Tips to approach a man that you want to hang out with 

Men love being approached by a woman first!

If anyone asks how to approach a men, then the answer will be simple because, approaching men first, is always possible for women as they have got a natural flair to communicate with any man they find attractive.

Though recently various vlogs on social media are saying it’s the hormone that drives us to one another, not the physical appearance or beauty or sexuality. It’s our body that knows the art of getting attracted to another person with the smell!

Well, it’s somehow outlandish for anyone to get a smell of the other person and find it attractive, let’s consider it to be the vibes that match and drive two persons for a long-term relationship, flirting, or a one night stand.

Check out some tips to approach a man you find attractive-

Ask him to pass the salt

If it’s a restaurant and you find any guy attractive, sitting at the bar cellar is the best idea then. Sit by him and order some cocktail food along with a drink. This is the exact time when you can ask him to pass you the salt just to give him a sign that you’re interested and would like to talk more.

If you find after passing the salt, the guy didn’t say another word or left the place without giving a smile, he is either homosexual, a psycho, or not interested in you. Get it straight! Mostly, gentlemen start a conversation and can take it to a long night.

Just ask him randomly about his drink

Check whether the guy is sitting alone at the counter and there’s no lady’s purse on the chair next to him. Go straight and sit comfortably beside him and while placing an order, show a little vulnerability and randomly ask what’s in his glass. This will give you a chance to start a conversation immediately.

A little pretense works

Whether it’s an online dating conversation or meeting someone at the pub, starting a talk is always possible for confident women. Why not start with “you might be my cousin’s gym friend!” and give him a chance to carry on with a nice conversation.


Ruth Hill