Tips to get 10k followers without buying them

 Tips to get 10k followers without buying them

Nowadays everyone wants to get 10k followers as it is a common milestone on social media. A lot of people putting effort just to get 10k followers because after it they get few important functions of Instagram. There are numerous sites on the internet that are even selling Instagram followers are comments. People like to buy instagram comments as they don’t want to put effort. Apart from this, they all can also use soundcloud promotion for followers.

But if you don’t have enough money to buy instagram comments and followers then you can simply gain followers with few tricks. Now you don’t have to go for the soundcloud promotion for followers, you just have to work on your profile to gain followers.

These are few things that you can follow to gain Instagram followers without buying them:

  • Voice 

We all checking the analytics of our Instagram account but if you don’t get the new followers on your account then you must have to change the type of content you are sharing. You have to make few changes which people find unique and attractive. You can start sharing some voice content that contains your beautiful voice. So that you can easily resonate with your viewers.

  • Be active 

The other thing you have to keep in mind is that you must have to be very active on Instagram. You have to respond to the comment and messages of all the followers. It helps you in creating a humble and good image in front of people. Your followers will like to react to your post and stories as they get an instant reaction from you.

  • Follow for follow 

People think that if they follow another person then they will get a follow back. If you have any page on Instagram and you follow seven hundred people then you will get only a few follow-backs. It is because when the other person sees seven hundred followings with the five hundred followers then he will think your content is not good. So you have to avoid follow-for-follow backs.

  • Be real 

Nowadays people show fake things on Instagram like fake filtered pictures, fake lifestyles, and even fake promotional videos. If you are also doing this then you will not get the much attention of the targeted audience. You always have to stick with your niche and provide relatable content because people generally like relatable content and also support them.

  • Time 

You must have to post on a fixed time because once people get used to your content at a fixed time then they will feel connected with you. The starts waiting for your content at that specific time.

Danny White