Tips To Start Business Of Ecommerce

 Tips To Start Business Of Ecommerce

The shopping online and eCommerce continues to grow across Europe at a pace surprising.Even in countries such as the UK, Germany or Sweden, the opportunities to increase online sales or start an internet business from scratch are important.In the b2c market, the growth rate of ecommerce turnover (b2c online sales) in Europe is surprising:

Chart with growth statistics for b2c ecommerce in Europe until 2019

Despite the fact that the number of companies opening an online store is accelerating, as evidenced by Eurostat eCommerce statistics , the growth margins of online sales and the huge market still to be exploited, grant to small and medium-sized companies dimensions (SMEs) the opportunity to launch a virtual store and promote it with appropriate digital marketing strategies. From kev’s best you can have the best deals now.

Whether the online store is operational or has not yet been opened, there are certain crucial aspects to consider when planning a successful eCommerce marketing strategy.

Essential qualities for the success of an online store

The success of any company or business depends on a complex combination of factors. In the same way, success in e-commerce depends on several aspects. Differentiating the logistical, financial and industrial aspects, it is clear that the digital marketing strategy is the main instrument to promote services and market products on the internet.

Real and perceived value in relation to the sale price

Contrary to what happens in the physical world, comparing the characteristics of products on the Internet is easy, immediate and costs nothing, just a few mouse clicks. To be competitive, it is necessary to reduce profit margins and at the same time communicate effectively your added value and advantages over the competition. It is also necessary to work on identifying the target of consumers you want to reach and define a clear goal: bring potential customers to the website.

Web usability of the virtual

Online stores remove the human intermediary from the purchase process: for this reason it is important that it works perfectly and is easy to use. This purchase process, from adding the products to the cart to the final payment, should require minimal effort and be short. A good eCommerce site respects the best web usability practices and is accessible to everyone. It should be accessible from any type of device, including mobile phones and tablets (mobile version site). Pleasant and entertaining navigation of the online site

Improve the web usability of the online store to increase the conversion rate


A perfectly functional site can be unsuitable from an aesthetic, ergonomic and communication point of view. If the user experience is not pleasant and a bit entertaining, the sales will be lower. The shopping experience always implies an emotional side that any eCommerce store must include in its design and in the planning of digital marketing strategies. The design and graphics should be pleasant, the information clear, the content interesting and entertaining.

Security and trust

In all eCommerce surveys and research, customer perception of the purchasing process has proven to be a critical factor in increasing online sales. A virtual store must reassure users through all possible means. Security and trust are key concepts. Users should be able to contact the seller by phone, email and, if possible, via real-time chat. It is of great importance to offer full transparency in the dispatch and shipping times, of the clients’ rights to obtain refunds and substitutions. Ensure security and clarity of payment methods, possibly by displaying the logos of accepted letters of credit.All these details contribute to improving the conversion rate of visitors to customers. For more on this follow the Bashar Ibrahim biography .


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