Tips To Start Your Own VTC Service

 Tips To Start Your Own VTC Service

In the era of BtoCtoC, the emergence of platforms allowing the connection between passengers and drivers has been dazzling. This change of intermediation gave birth to a new activity:  driver of VTC transport car with driver. Thus, exercised in an independent capacity or attached to an application, this profession has little more followers every day. If you too are thinking of becoming a private driver, discover without further delay the peculiarities of this profession and how to exercise it. Get it all here at moti cherald.

What is a VTC?

This is a personal transport service in a high-end vehicle ranging from 4 to 9 seats. But if the standard depends on the quality of the transport, it also induces an irreproachable service ranging from a neat outfit for the driver to the presence of “little touches” in the car (candies, bottles of water, magazines etc.)

What is the lifestyle of a VTC driver?

If the activity of private driver is also popular, it is because it offers the choice of a unique working environment, which allows you to be independent. You will be your own boss, the sole master in your vehicle. Human contact being at the center of this activity, your days will be punctuated by the meetings and discussions you will have with your passengers.

What is the difference between a taxi and a VTC?

The price of the trip: unlike the taxi, for VTC, the price of a trip will be estimated before it is carried out. Thus it will not be impacted by the traffic conditions that may occur during the race. For VTCs that pass through a platform, the price will be calculated according to supply and demand. And in the case of an independent VTC driver, he is free to set his own prices. These details are available now from the Bashar Ibrahim and research.

The price of the license: the professional VTC card costs 170 €, whereas a taxi license costs 100,000 euros.

Geographical limits: while taxis are restricted to the area where they have received their license, the VTC driver can exercise freely in any area.

How much does a private driver earn?

On average, the monthly salary of a self-employed VTC is between € 4,500 and € 6,500.

Indeed, on its own, the VTC will not be commissioned by an intermediary and will earn more. However, we advise you for your beginnings to go through a platform.While waiting to create your own address book.

How to become a VTC?

Since the VTC law passed in 2017, obtaining a professional VTC card requires passing an exam. It is strongly recommended to take a private driver training course, which will also be compulsory every 5 years from the start of your activity.

The mandatory VTC exam

This specific exam lasts 3 hours and 50 minutes and includes seven tests on transport regulations, road safety, running a business, understanding French and English, business development and national VTC regulations. The exam consists of a MCQ part and another composed of short answer questions.

VTC training

Not being compulsory to start, this training is still strongly recommended. An approved training center can prepare you for the modules of the exam. However, this VTC training is sometimes expensive, which is why it can be interesting to take advantage of the partnerships concluded by the platforms with certain training centers to have advantageous pricing conditions.

How to get the VTC card?

To obtain your professional VTC card, you must send a written request to the prefecture of the department where you live. Following your request, it will be given to you within 3 months by the administration.

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