Top 10 awesome party food ideas for Capricorns

 Top 10 awesome party food ideas for Capricorns



It’s time to throw a fantastic party to relish day with friends and family with scrumptious party food ideas to make the event memorable. Everyone loves hanging out with friends to break the monotony of daily boring routine. The tiresome workload gets on the nerves and people are looking for ways to relieve the stress with a fabulous get-together. It gives an opportunity to socialize with and enjoy the day. Parties are common and the best way to rejoice. It’s incomplete without delicious and refreshing foods that are specially made to inspire friends. 


Capricorns are famous in traits of love good foods and most people go to parties to enjoy food only. Instead of going to traditional methods, try out something innovative and creative recipes to impress friends and satisfy taste buds. It’s a great way to win the hearts of guests and tell how many skills you have when it comes to culinary arts. Tea time snacks can be added to the menu but it has to be something beyond that. Include fresh veggies, chicken, juicy fruits and healthy herbs to make the perfect combination. 


Given here are amazing party food ideas that really work to make the event as wonderful as it can be:


  1. Pepper chicken tacos

Preparing rich tacos is as much fun as munching them with best buddies. Get boneless chicken ready to make black pepper chicken filling. Let it cool down and fill in the taco. Top with fresh cream, herbs, veggies and mustard. Add jalapeno if you like to make it a bit spicy. 


  1. Garlic bread sticks with tomato sauce

Nothing can be more exciting than crispy and fresh garlic bread cut into sticks like fries and served with fresh tomato sauce. Add herbs on the bread to make it more tasteful. Dip in sauce and enjoy. It’s also an appetizer with the main meals. Lighter on the stomach too! 


  1. German pretzel

A chewy slightly sweet pretzel is great with mustard sauce. It can also be eaten with ranch dressing. These can be topped with honey or maple sauce to add more taste. For those loving sugary taste instead of spicy, these are a perfect choice. 

  1. Potato chips

Chips are all time favorite of everyone like kids and adults. When it comes to party food ideas, these are a must-have. Toss with herbs, spices and sauces to make more interesting and add variety to the menu. These crispy snacks are delicious and can be served with ketchup or mayonnaise. 

  1. Butter cookies with blueberry ice cream

When it comes to blue berry ice cream, these are the perfect party food ideas for all seasons. Sandwiched in butter cookies, the ice cream gives richer taste. It’s beautiful to look at in the white platter. These can be served as dessert. Chocolate sauce can be topped over to make tempting. 

  1. Chocolate chip cookies

Everyone loves chocolate and cookies made with chocolate chips in them are loved so much. There are many variations and some make with brown sugar for added flavor. Sift cocoa powder over them as a garnish. Add white or dark chocolate chips to make two versions with the same recipe. 

  1. Fish cake

If you need healthy party food ideas tuna or sardine cakes are there. Shape up like burger patties and fry after adding all spices. The ideal accompaniment is spicy mayo garlic sauce. Its time to have a protein-rich snack and get the desired energy for next workout. 

  1. Chicken pizza 

Italian cuisine is a popular way to add variety and taste to an ordinary menu. Make party fun with barbecued chicken pizza. Many variations are possible to suit all tastes. Keep it square or round. Crust can be filled with meat and mozzarella to make richer. Freshly baked pizza is a must-have in all parties.  

  1. Pina colada shake

Beverages can’t be ignored and pineapples are the most refreshing citrus option. Add freshly grated coconut and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Whole milk and fresh cream make it frothy. Add crushed ice and serve chilled. Garnish with cocktail umbrella and a chunk of pineapple. 

  1. Orange lemonade

Orange and lemon are a unique citrus combination for refreshing drink at the party. Add sugar to sweeten. Mint leaves can be used to garnish and make a bit colorful. These are best served in summer to quench the thirst. Mostly, lemons are used to make lemonade but orange juice adds to the taste. Don’t forget to try this innovative recipe. 

Party food ideas mentioned above are going to make the party more fun and guests will be mesmerized to see these uncommon delicious food. They will look forward to the next party at your place.



Ruth Hill