Top 3 Best Football Clubs in Spain

 Top 3 Best Football Clubs in Spain

Spain is a country in Europe, has a name for its seamless passion for football. It is known for having some of the best football clubs in Spain. The fans are so crazy about their football clubs. One such very famous fan group is the Ultras Sur that supports Real Madrid.

Spain is full of football clubs. Conflicts between the clubs continue for years. However, what is sad is that the love of fans for their clubs has taken a bit extreme form over the years. It has result in hooliganism that involves a lot of abuse and violence. Ultras Sur is one of the most renowned right-wing football hooligans. 

As much as we have talked about the fan clubs and the dedication of the fans towards their clubs, now let’s look at the Top 3 Football clubs in Spain.

3 Best Football Clubs in Spain 


  • Real Madrid 


Real Madrid is a world-class football cup and is known to be the most successful one in entire Europe. The Spanish club was first founded as a small team in 1897. Real Madrid to its honor has 12 European Champions League Trophy, 2 UEFA Championship, 2 FIFA Club Championship, 3 World Cups, 33 Spanish Championship Trophy, and 19 Spanish Cup Champion Trophy. This itself speaks for the talent and popularity of the club.


  • FC Barcelona


Founded in 1899, 1 FC Barcelona is the arch-enemy of Real Madrid. Both the clubs lock horns very often, and their match is intense. One question that divides Spain is choosing between the two clubs. 1 FC Barcelona has also been very successful in the world purview. The club is a 5-time champion of the European Champions League, 5-time winner of the UEFA Cup, 3-time winner of the FIFA Championship, 23-time winner of the Spanish Championship, and 29-time winner of the Spanish Cup.


  • Athletic Bilbao


Having won 34 national and international titles, the Athletic Bilbao is the third most successful football club in Spain. Founded in the year 1898, has a very different selection criterion. Only the Basque professional is selected for the team. It is also known by the names of The Basque Club and Los Leones.

Spain and football are two things that cannot be separated from each other. The very existence of Spain was inspired by football. Spain has given the world some of the finest football players. It is indeed true that Spain is a hub house for football. 

Paul Petersen