Top Trends to Make Your Plus Size Corset Stand Out 

Fetish corsets rose in popularity years ago as basic clothing necessity among the curvier women with waist fat. But, today, we are seeing exciting new corset trends featuring elegant, lush brocade fabrics and other experimental designs to make a plus size corset stand out as a style statement.

Below are the latest trends to transform your essential plus size corset and waist trainer into the sexiest clothing:

Brocade Fabrics – Using brocade fabrics distinguished by a lush repeating decorative pattern while designing the front of the corset gives a more vibrant look. Brocades are ideal corset fabrics as they are usually medium-to-heavy weight. Brocades have a luxurious satin appearance and a slight luster created by the patterns of the woven threads.

 Printed Corsets – Historically, the basic black corsets were the ones in fashion, but now the focus has shifted to printed ones. The most common designs are – damask, floral, abstract, birds, butterflies, and the designs that are inspired by Chinese and Japanese art.

More vibrant, Darker Colors – While buying a plus size corset or a waist trainer, women are now looking for the richly-colored ones to coordinate with any eye-catching party outfit.

 Corsets with Sleeves – Women with bulkier arms are now excited about the new trend of plus size corsets integrated with detailed sleeve. This includes everything from flirty over-the-shoulder straps with lace detailing to full chiffon sleeves. This transforms any basic plus size corset from an accessory layer to a fully functioning wardrobe piece.

Jewelry – Using jewelry, in particular, can be an extra-ordinary option to highlight the design details of any corset. Colored metal detailing can be used to decorate any corset to give it a party-ready look.

There are countless new ideas of styling plus size corsets as perfect clubbing wear andelegant specialty wear. Although these extra details may seem fussy to you – they probably are – but they undoubtedly offer many great opportunities for accessorizing and creating an outfit that stands out!

Paul Watson