Topless Girls and Your Best Time

 Topless Girls and Your Best Time

In popular consciousness, there appears sometimes a premature conception according to which men would particularly like the very large breasts of women. There are several reasons why they would love them. In the rest of this article, you will have the opportunity to better understand why some men love large female breasts and big asses.

The breasts represent for the man, the submerged face of his hidden vagina

To have access to the hotasian girls topless is not easy thing, however, the man is well aware that the breasts of the women are the best means to reach its sex even without having touched it directly. It is like an extension of her vagina which is the point of concentration of all her pleasure.

The woman’s breasts are completely within the reach of men, who can manipulate them as they wish.

The woman also takes the breasts as a major asset of seduction, because they are the object of the attraction of the males, in place of their sex which is discreet.

Some divergent opinions on the concept

The protruding breast of a woman can also cause frustration in men. It can seem intrusive to him in many ways.

A woman with large breasts can also be seen as aggressive, with her large breasts as a means of oppression and rivalry with men.

The man often likes to tickle the woman’s breasts during foreplay, however, he can see during this act that he is invaded by this chest which wants to suffocate him, and this can create in him a feeling of repulsion.

The main reason for attraction to breasts begins in early childhood. A hormone released during breastfeeding helps to establish bonds between mother and baby and acts similarly in adulthood by allowing a bond to form between the couple.

Paul Petersen