Visual Merchandising: The Pros And Cons Of Pop-Up Store Designs

Pop-up stores are kiosks or small and sometimes mobile retail space businesses temporarily erect during seasonal sales, events, and activities. A pop-up store is also called flash retailing. Pop-up stores today stay away from traditional visual merchandising displays. Many pop up store designs now sport unique, quirky, and attractive displays. Although they are a great marketing strategy, sometimes it does not work at all.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of pop-up stores:

ADVANTAGE: Builds a stronger and closer relationship with the audience.

If the business outlet is in point A, only the people who go to point A get exposed to the outlet store. The business outlet may establish a pop-up store in point B to reach more people and bring the brand closer. That way, people in point B will be introduced and aware of the brand.

Businesses hire a museum exhibition design company to help them build eye-catching, one of a kind visual merchandising displays for their flash retails.

DISADVANTAGE: It is a short-term arrangement.

Many business people prefer long-term and stable marketing strategies to short-term activities, such as pop-up stores.

ADVANTAGE: Consistent physical presence.

When one outlet store moves to another mall, they basically lose their presence in their current mall.

Businesses use pop-up stores to maintain their presence in the location once they move to another place, hence still connected with their old customers.

DISADVANTAGE: Location constraints.

Location is a pivotal factor in pop-up stores. No matter how grand your pop up store designs are, if you’ve picked an unstrategic location, your flash retailing is useless.

There is also a high demand for pop-up store spots in the most strategic places.

ADVANTAGE: Profit driver during events.

Pop-up stores start to appear during special events, such as year-end sales, Christmas, Black Friday sales, Boxing day, and New Year.

They take advantage of the influx of people in the mall and the red envelope you have received during these holidays.

Based on the pros and cons, do pop-up stores suit you?

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Paul Petersen