What can cause erectile dysfunction?

 What can cause erectile dysfunction?

Most men fail to have unsatisfactory sex. The problems associated with the sex of the person might include the problems with erection, maintaining the erection in the penis, or ejaculating consistently. The problems associated with the erection of the penis are known as erectile dysfunction. This can be an outcome of emotional and physical disorders or the person.

This condition can occur with the age of the person. Impotence or inability to have sex can lead to depression and a negative effect on your sexual life. So you need to discover the underlying causes behind this problem. Some medications are available such as pentobarbital sodium hcl online that help to treat this condition.

Emotional and lifestyle factors

You need to be excited to have a great erection in your penis. This phase is called the emotional phase. You can never achieve the required erection when you are suffering from emotional distress.

Depression and anxiety are significant factors behind this problem. Fatigue can lead to impotency in many males. 

The anxiety to give the best performance can be the main reason behind impotency. Some people with worst sex experiences always fear of having sex in the future.

Sometimes a person thinks that he cannot maintain an erection with a certain partner, but he develops erection when masturbating or while sleeping. 

Some drugs can also lead to impotency. However, the use of alcohol or smoking can be the major cause of erectile dysfunction.

Nervous and neurological disorders

Several neurologic conditions can increase the risk of impotence. Nerve conditions affect the brain’s ability to communicate with the reproductive system. This can prevent you from achieving an erection.

Neurological disorders associated with impotence include:

Some neurological factors are also associated with impotency and erectile dysfunction. The nerve problems can cause impotency in many males. Some neurological factors might include

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Spinal cord disorders
  • Temporal epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Some operations or surgical procedure can also lead to impotency. The people who cover long distances on a bicycle may suffer temporary impotency because they impose a continuous pressure on their buttock and genitals.

Taking medications

Certain medications can lead to impotency. Therefore the doctor’s recommendation is quite necessary to stop the use of medications or to start using medication.

Some medications that can lead towards impotency are as follows

  • Beta-blockers such as carvedilol and metoprolol
  • Alpha-adrenergic blockers 
  • Medications for cancer  
  • Diuretics 
  • Synthetic hormones

These medications can lead to impotency. Therefore never start using the medicine without the proper recommendation from a doctor. You can consult with your family doctor if you feel reluctant to share this condition with any other doctor in the world.

Heart-related disorders 

The proper flow of blood towards the penis is needed to achieve the required erection. The less or improper flow of blood towards your penis can lead towards impotency. 

Atherosclerosis is a blood-related disorder that can cause blockage in blood vessels which can lead to the disturbed flow towards the penis. Atherosclerosis can lead towards impotency.


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