What Happens during Orange County Drug Detox Programs?

 What Happens during Orange County Drug Detox Programs?

After trying to quit, many addicts realize that they may benefit from attending inpatient Orange County drug detox programs in order to really make a difference in their life.

It is often necessary to get someone out of their home environment where issues and habits began so the sole focus can be on recovery. Inpatient Orange County drug detox programs can offer a safe place for patients to separate from the environment and work on sobriety, along with getting medical attention that is needed when coming off drugs.

What Is Detox?

Detox is a process where traces of drugs and alcohol are removed from the body in order for a person to start therapy. Having a drug or alcohol addiction means the body is used to having these substances in the system. When the substances are removed, the brain has to adjust to the sudden drop of chemicals. During this time, there can be a lot of unpleasant symptoms, which are known as withdrawal symptoms. Detox aims to minimize the negative impact of these symptoms and make the experience comfortable and safe. An effective form of detox is one that is medically assisted. Attempting detox on your own is usually not successful because of the withdrawal symptoms.

What to Expect

Understanding what to expect during a detox program can help make it more successful and alleviate anxiety. Upon arrival, the patient is welcomed to the first day of recovery and will have some time to get comfortable in the room. When a patient checks into the facility, the first step is an initial assessment. During this time, there are discussions about how the detox and program will work. There is usually a lot of paperwork at this time and it’s necessary for the patient to be honest when filling it out in order to get the best care. Failure to give accurate responses can mean improper medical attention and complications, along with an unpleasant detox process.

During detox, patients can expect different withdrawal symptoms based on how long he or she has been addicted, the type of substance they are addicted to, how much he or she has been using, and the person’s general physical and mental health. Each person will detox in a unique way and each new detox will be different, regardless if someone has gone through the process before. In order to cope with these symptoms, many patients are given appropriate controlled medication as part of the process. There isn’t medication that can prevent every withdrawal symptom, but some medications can ease depression and anxiety and counteract some problems that arise.

How Long Does It Last?

Many people go through the detox process for seven to 10 days. This can vary depending on different factors, such as the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. After detox, patients are ready for an alcohol and drug rehab program.

Paul Petersen