What is Domain Authority, and is it calculated?

 What is Domain Authority, and is it calculated?

Many websites are running in the market, but all of them are not success and success is derived from your website’s search ranking, which can be known through a Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority?

A Domain Authority is a ranking measurement developed by Moz that will help in letting us know how our website is working. If you have a good Domain Authority, then the chances of Google Search ranking gets improved. It is denoted as DA, which is in terms of numbers from 1 to 100. The higher the number means more chances of getting your website in search results.

As many Domain Authority Checker is available in the market, that will help know our website’s actual position. Generally, Domain Authority is calculated by keeping thousands of factors in mind, and all the factors are built into the software that helps us know the DA of a website by tapping just a single click.

How is Domain Authority calculated?

Domain Authority is calculated by keeping multiple factors, including link building, backlinks, and many more things. This score will be very helpful to take your website in search results, and it also helps in checking the strength of a website over time. Let me clear that Domain Authority is not a factor of Google Ranking, and it doesn’t affect SERP.

From the 2019 update, we learned that Domain Authority is calculated on machine learning algorithms predictions about how much Google is using the domain in their search results. The more Google uses, the more DA will be. A website always has more DA, which is coming more times in Google SERP. A website having more links will always have the best DA, and it will be easier for the users to increase their DA from 20 to 30 instead of 70 to 80.

What is a good Domain Authority of a website?

As I have already said that multiple factors are responsible for the fluctuations of Domain Authority. Those sites having more external links will always be on the top if we compare them with other websites. Wikipedia has a good amount of outbound links, and it is always at the top ranking. New websites always have a lower DA, and a new website starts with one DA, and it will increase when they get more authority links on their website.

A website owner needs to search for the best websites having good DA for their particular niche, and they can help them in increasing DA. Users need to check the DA for their competitor’s website and work according to that because our ranking is fully dependent on the DA your competitor has. There is no good or bad DA score, and the only thing matter is how competitive other websites are compared to your website.


So this is something about Domain Authority, and it is important to have some focus on DA to increase ranking in Google Search Results. Users can check their competitor’s DA anytime on any of the tools available in the market and focus on increasing DA.


Paul Watson