What Maharashtrian Jewellery Ornaments that Everyone Should Know 

 What Maharashtrian Jewellery Ornaments that Everyone Should Know 

When it comes to traditional Indian jewellery, Maharashtrian Jewellery tops the list. With Maharashtrian jewellery getting popular day by day in the country, it’s always better to have more information about the same. You may have already spotted some Maharashtrian style gold ornaments in the wedding functions. Well, as Maharashtra is a culturally rich state, the Jewellery designs are pretty traditional and are beautiful. 

For the people living in the outside states, knowing about Maharashtrian Jewellery is very essential. The weight, the design, style, name and the use case of such great gold ornaments are pretty essential to understand. If you are the one looking to buy the best Maharashtrian jewellery, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share all the information about the latest Maharashtrian jewellery and other ornaments that you will find in the market. With the information, you can know about the ornaments and choose the best one that suits all your needs.

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Best Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery


#1 – Nath 

Nath is nothing but the nose pin. It’s one of the most important parts of the traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery that you cannot miss at any cost. Maharashtrian Traditional female attire is incomplete without the Nath. The Nath is usually studded with small pearls. The Nath is commonly available in almost all jewellery stores and with a variety of design options. 

#2 – Thushi 

The Choker style Necklace is one of the most prominent parts of Maharashtrian Jewellery. The thushi is available in multiple styles, but the Kolhapuri Style Thushi is one of the most popular amongst all. It’s a heavy necklace, which is nothing but the choker. With the heavy built and attractive design, almost every Maharashtrian lady wants to wear it. You can adjust the tightness of the Thushi according to your needs. It’s considered the Bridal Maharashtrian gold ornament and can be seen on the neck of the bride. 

#3 – Ambada 

Ambada means the Hair Bun Pin. The Ambada can be of different styles. With the classic hairpin style or even like the crown. It can be the minimal ornament and can also be the most extravagant ornament. As the Maharashtrian ladies prefer doing the hair buns, the Ambada will help them to cover the bun and enhance the beauty. Yes. Ambada is pretty beautiful and it will immediately enhance the look. If it’s in the chair design style, then you can wrap it around the hair bun. If it’s pin style, then you can stick it inside the hair bun. 

#4 – Paatlya 

Paatlya is pretty famous in rural Maharashtra. Paatlya is nothing but flat bangles, which are great for wearing in auspicious functions. These ornaments are pretty heavy on the design. The intricate design on the visible flat part, which distinguishes the Paatlya from normal gold bangles. Almost every lady in the Rural Maharashtra will have the traditionally designed Paatlya bangles in their hands. 

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